My Hero Academia Chapter 206 – Katsuki v/s Yosetsu Team


My Hero Academia Chapter 206

After reading the My Hero Academia Chapter 205, it became clear that Tetsutetsu & Todoroki at the same level in terms of power. We saw Todoroki using his ultimate form but ended up with a draw. After Tetsutetsu V/s Todoroki’s fight, the battle between the 4th slot becomes interesting.

In the 4th Slot, we will be seeing Katsuki & Yosetsu team battling each other. With this chapter, we would get a chance to explore Yosetsu character and his Quirk “Weld“.

According to Fandom, “Yosetsu’s quirk allows him to merge things both organic and inorganic at an atomic level. Yosetsu can also fuse his own body parts with that of other people, facilitating their transport in case they become unable to move. He can also reverse his own Quirk, undoing any previous welds.

This is the first time we are seeing him in action and we believe that he would be facing against Katsuki. On the other hand, we will also see other team members and their ability.

Battle 4 Teams:

Here is the team facing each other in My Hero Academia Chapter 206. This will be the 2nd last battle of this Arc.

Class 1-AClass 1-B
Katsuki BakugouYosetsu Awase
Kyoka JiroTogaru Kamakin
Rikido SatoSetsuna Tokage
Sero HantaKojiro Bondo


We are yet to get our hands on the Spoiler for this chapter, which will be out a few days prior to the chapter releases. Till then stay tunes with us for regular Anime update.

My Hero Academia Chapter 206
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My Hero Academia Chapter 206
My Hero Academia Chapter 206 will release on 16 November and in this chapter, we will see a new practice battle between Katsuki team facing Yosetsu Team.
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