Benefits of NCERT books for CBSE Students for boards exams

NCERT books for CBSE Students

The National Council of Educational Research and Training, commonly referred to as NCERT, is an autonomous institution of the Government of India. One of the main objectives of NCERT is to develop a quality textbook for class I to class XII students. Board exams conducted by CBSE for class 10th and class 12th play a significant role in a students’ life. A question that usually comes to the mind of the students is: Are the NCERT books sufficient or should one go for advanced books?

Students, as well as their parents, need to understand that NCERT books are sufficient enough to score well in both class 10th and class 12th board exams.

For students appearing for the board exam, the basis of preparation should be NCERT books. A thorough reading of the book helps lay a strong foundation for the subject. NCERT books provide the content along with the context that one needs to ace the exam. At the same time, students must also attempt the questions given at the end of the chapters. This gives an idea as to how the questions might be structured in the exam.

One should not cram the details or the facts given. A deeper understanding of the topic would take you a long way. The language of these books is simple and the sentences are short. Writing similarly during the exams will help you score good marks. Having good knowledge is important to develop a strong grasp of the subject. These books provide students with an idea to understand the pattern of the exam. Since these books are concise, one can easily use the short time before an exam for quick revision. 

Advantages of reading NCERT books are:

1. Books are completely on par with the CBSE syllabus;

2. Cover all the basics on all topics in a simple and easy language;

3. Lessons are brain-mapped accordingly with a lot of illustrations and practical examples;

4. Practice questions are designed to help the students develop their problem-solving skills and understanding capabilities;

5. The information included in the NCERT textbooks is carefully monitored by various experts and researchers;

6. Observed from the previous year question papers, CBSE gives a considerable amount of direct questions from both solved example and exercise problems;

7. Help students to revise in a less amount of time;

8. Books cover a wide range of important topics from which questions are common in most competitive exams.

In NCERT books, you will find questions at the end of chapters. These can be short or long answer-type quizzes, match-the-following, or fill-in-the-blanks questions. To score optimum marks in the board papers, the students must practice a variety of questions. Also, students should seek help from their school teachers to clear their doubts. 

Read, understand and revise is the mantra that will help you secure a seat in the college of your dreams.

Importance of NCERT books for Class 10 English Students

In class 10, students must study hard to score high marks in the board exams. The Footprints without Feet is a reading book for class 10 students. Footprints without Feet is a supplementary reader for class 10 students. The book has different stories that can help students to improve their reading skills. Students will have to answer different questions that will help to understand the chapters.

There are a total of 10 chapters in the NCERT Books Class 10 English Footprints without Feet. Now, we will discuss the overview of lessons included in the class 10 English textbook.

A Triumph of Surgery

It is the first chapter and it is an emotional story. The story is about a rich woman and her dog. She used to feed her dog a lot due to which the dog became very fat and lethargic. In the end, the doctor says that the dog has to take treatment at the hospital. When the dog returns the dog becomes thin and active which makes her happy.

The Thief’s Story

This is the second story and it is a valuable story for students of class 10. It is about a thief who worked with a person whom he cheated on but finally confesses his crime due to his values.

The Midnight Visitor

It is the third chapter and the story is about a detective who receives some secret papers in a hotel room. But, he was attacked by a rival and he was surprised to see his friend as a secret agent.

A question of Trust

It is the fourth chapter and this story is about a thief. He used to steal once a year. He buys books using the stolen money. He does burglary by making a proper plan. One day, he planned to steal in a big house where a lady thief was present and she claimed to be the house owner.

Footprints without Feet

This is the fifth chapter in class 10 English in which a scientist invents a drug. The drug could be used to make a naked man turn invisible. He thought that he could use the drug to take revenge on his landlord. He set the house of his landlord on fire and then ran away after drinking the drug to escape. He could have used the drug to help other people.

The Making of a Scientist

It is an interesting story about a child who is very curious to become a scientist. In the story, students will learn how the mother helps her child to develop an interest in becoming a scientist

The Necklace

It is also an interesting story. The story gives a beautiful message to the students. Students will learn that one should be satisfied with the things that one has. We should not look at the things possessed by other people.

The Hack Driver

It is an amusing story. He has to go to a village to give a summon to a person where he met a person who says that he knows every person in the village. The person takes a lot of money from the lawyer to find the person but the lawyer never finds a person.


This is the ninth chapter about a girl.She is a brave girl who refused to marry a greedy person who asked for dowry to get her married.

The Book That Saved the Earth

It is a short play in which Martians visit the earth and go to a library where they found rhymes in the books. They thought it was not safe and they leave the place and run off to save the earth.

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