Everything You Need to Know About a Virtual Number for WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a popular and convenient messenger created for convenient communication and exchange of any type of content: text, pictures, or video files. You can call family, friends, and colleagues and even organize video calls. Millions of users like this app since it combines functionality and optimal OS requirements.

However, WhatsApp requires user registration, so you have to enter your real phone number, which will be visible to other users. The app will automatically notify those who have your number saved in “Contacts” that you’ve now joined WhatsApp and can now be contacted that way. Such notification is supposed to bring you closer to friends, but it is not always appropriate. For example, sometimes, WhatsApp is needed exclusively for work, in which case it is not at all necessary to notify friends and relatives that you can be found on WhatsApp at a particular number.

Virtual number for WhatsApp

An online or virtual number to join WhatsApp is the same virtual number that you can use for other purposes.

Features of a virtual mobile phone number:

  • Lack of a physical SIM card.
  • Using an Internet connection to provide calls and exchange messages.
  • Access to notifications in your personal account. You can register such an account here: https://hottelecom.biz/virtual-number-for-whatsapp.html
  • Both one person and a whole team can use the same number.

Temporary virtual numbers can be ordered on the Hottelecom platform for free. They are also suitable for WhatsApp registration. However, for businesses, it is better to stop at such numbers for which the user pays a subscription fee. Instead, the user gets access for a long period with the possibility of using additional options.

Using a virtual number for WhatsApp: Benefits

Ordinary users can maintain their anonymity in communication with individual subscribers. This is a convenient solution. You never know in advance when you will need it, but now you know that you can order a virtual number and use it at any time.

Many more benefits await business users. Virtual phone numbers and businesses seem to be made for each other. Register WhatsApp for a virtual number and use a complete range of features: access to statistics, reduced costs, an easy WhatsApp Business registration process, and much more.

Set up forwarding, register multiple WhatsApp accounts, grow your business, and always stay connected!

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