New Huawei Tablet Surface Spotted Online – Is This The MediaPad M4?


The last Huawei Tablet Surface was the MediaPad 3 and today a new Huawei Tablet Surface came out, which is predicted to be the MediaPad 4. This leak was spotted via UAprof.xml that shows the device to have similar spec as the MediaPad 3.

This device is named as the model SHT-AL09 which seems to have a huge display with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. Looking at the OS front, this tablet is equipped with Android Oreo. There is a huge improvement on the camera side. The table is equipped with 16MP rear camera and will have qwerty keypad as mentioned in the leak.

In the leak, these are the only detail leaked. There is no chance confirmation on the processor and RAM. But rumors says it to come with Kirin 970 processor along with a supporting 6GB RAM. We are yet to get confirmation on the device details, but till then this is all

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