New Patent From Apple Show Wireless Charging For New MacBook


MacBook 2019

First, it was Apple Touch ID and then they introduced Face ID. We have been seeing Apple getting more innovations in the technology. The recent one was the Notch & now, with the patent that Apple has shared, it seems that they are planning to make MacBook charged wirelessly.

Yes, Apple has sent a patient for approval & according to this patent, you can charge your MacBook wirelessly. With this new patent, we are yet to come to a conclusion if the new MacBook will come with a metal body or are we expecting it to have a glass panel.

According to the patent, the future Apple devices will have an AirPower, which is a wireless charging device that will have its own battery space that will support your MacBook on the go. Which means the future of Apple will come with a Wireless power bank.

We have also come across rumors that Apple might bring a better and bigger battery on their new MacBook, as this was one of the major concern by most the MacBook users.

We are also not sure by when can we see this implemented, but we are quite sure that this is not going to happen any day soon. We might get to see this wireless charging technology in MacBook by 2019 or 2020.

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