New Technologies in Online Casinos


The Internet gambling industry is developing by leaps and bounds, each time surprising the customers of virtual casinos with new features. Today we will talk about the most popular and progressive areas of online gambling, which help attract the attention of a huge audience of visitors every day.

Use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies

Cryptocurrencies confidently hold their positions in the world market and penetrate deeper into various spheres of life of the population. The virtual casino is no exception. The advantages of cryptocurrencies are obvious, they are complete anonymity, ease of use, low commission, no restrictions in terms of legislation. Several well-known branded online casinos successfully working with cryptocurrencies, for example, the popular Lincoln casino, a review of which you can find on

New Technologies in Online Casinos
New Technologies in Online Casinos


A virtual reality

One of the latest “fashion” tech trends is VR Technology/Virtual Reality. Most of the online casinos are already actively using these innovations and state their popularity among gamblers. The demand for VR direction will only grow, so the developers will make a lot of efforts to make such games as accessible as possible for different gadgets (Oculus, Oculus Quest, Valve Index, etc.).

Skill-based games

According to research, the popularity of skill games has increased, where the experience and skills of the gamer play an important role. Many of the online casino visitors do not want to simply rely on luck, they prefer to use various strategies that can influence the outcome of the game. That is why shortly there will be more and more new platforms that meet the requirements of the aforementioned gamblers.

Live games

Live games (with a real dealer) are in constant demand among players today. Forecasts say that interest in this type of game will continue to grow in 2021. The development of the trend is facilitated by the improvement of VR technologies since these two areas are closely interconnected. New studios will gradually open for online broadcasts, the list of live games will be regularly updated.


Gamification is a series of marketing moves designed to interest and captivate the online casino client. This includes various bonus programs, missions, and goals, for the achievement of which a monetary reward is given. In short, the goal of gamification is to motivate site visitors and keep them from switching to a competing domain.

Entertainment content

In a highly competitive environment, virtual casinos are now increasingly offering non-gambling content to their customers. These can be movies and TV shows, clips and videos, music, and news articles. In general, everything to entertain visitors and make their stay on the site more interesting.


We are talking about such processes as mergers and acquisitions. The gambling industry is developing so rapidly that by 2025 a huge increase in turnover is predicted: up to $ 80 billion. This means that large online casinos will only grow, merging, and absorbing each other.

Slots customization

Another trend of this year, which does not lose its relevance, is the development of custom slots. It’s about creating an individual style for a gambling house. The goal is to increase competitiveness and brand awareness. Many virtual casinos do this today to attract and retain customers.

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