Oculus Quest 2 Upcoming Games 2022


In 2016, VR gaming seemed like it had the potential to take over the world. Despite such assumptions, this video game genre did not prove to be an instant hit everywhere. That said, over the past few years, the VR market has started to expand massively. Projections are now putting the number of VR/AR headsets shipped annually to hit 43.5 million by 2025.

Naturally, the most famous brand in this sphere is Facebook Technologies’ Oculus. Rift was the first entry in this series, introduced in 2016, and in 2020, Oculus Quest 2 hit store shelves. Per a recent Steam survey, Facebook/Meta holds around 60% of the SteamVR market share, with 40% of the platform’s users running games on the Quest 2 headset, making it the most popular one worldwide. Its users can look forward to the following super-cool titles to enjoy in 2022.

Cities: VR

In early December 2021, veteran VR studio Fast Travel Games dropped the announcement trailer for Cities: VR, a game for the Quest 2 system, part of the Cities: Skylines franchise, launched in 2015. Experienced gamers will recognize Fast Travel Games as the creators of Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife, and Apex Construct, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets.

Similar to the original Skylines, this new VR version also allows users to get entirely immersed into urban planning and city management, gaining the reins on a city, with a chance to run it from a new perspective. To attract new residents to the flourishing metropolitan area, players have to provide proper education, healthcare, and entertainment options to make their stretch of land attractive for potential inhabitants. There is no official release date for Cities: VR, with Fast Travel Games promising that this city-builder should be available sometime in the spring of 2022. 

Samurai Slaughter House

Those big into old-school samurai movies, like the ones directed by Kurosawa, Kobayashi, Gosha, and other filmmakers from Japan’s golden era of cinema, will likely love this game. It seeks to blend the country’s feudal history with hack-and-slash gameplay, stylish comic-like visuals, and gory blood effects. The latter aspect is reminiscent of the gore featured in the Lone Wolf and Cub movie series, better known to the Western world as the single Shogun Assassin film.

Samurai Slaughter House is a product from Tab Games, a relatively new developer from Thousand Oaks, California. Currently, they are only working on this action-adventure title that boasts an open-world map and RPG features. Similar to Cities: VR, Samurai Slaughter House has no set release date. Steam and the game’s official website only list 2022 as the expected year it will come out.

Tea for God

Void Room is a one-person company run by Jarosław Ciupiński, from Poland, who began creating games under this brand in 2015, when he decided to put his passion for creating virtual worlds and puzzles to work. Tea for God is a unique game that uses impossible spaces with procedural generation. Its gameplay is so customizable that it can range from a game where nothing happens to an adrenaline-packed shooter.

The storyline of Tea for God takes place in the distant future, when humankind, united by a God-Emperor, has gone on to colonize new worlds and has engaged in crusades against other civilizations. It is an FPS title whose demo is already available for play. Nonetheless, the official version should hit steam near the end of 2022.

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Nerf Ultimate Championship

Who does not love Nerf weapons? Likely no one. Even those that did not have these toys as kids, for sure, will not refuse a chance to test them out as adults, as they are heaps of fun. Nerf Ultimate Championship is a competitive multiplayer game by Secret Location that brings exciting FPS gameplay, boasting colorful settings, featuring a very Fortnite-vibe.

Secret Location is an Emmy-winning VR studio renowned for its neon-infused action game Blasters of the Universe: VR Bullet Hell, which came out in 2017. SL, which has offices in Toronto and LA, is again looking to change the FPS VR landscape in 2022 with the Nerf Ultimate Championship.

PokerStars VR

There are not many VR poker games out there, as PokerStars from Lucky VR is pretty much single-handedly holding the line on this front for a few years now. It offers a free-to-play, authentic, and intuitive social card gaming experience, where anyone can challenge their friends to a round of Texas Hold ’Em. Moreover, it also has Sit & Go tournaments with weekly leaderboards. Hence, there are multiple ways players can satisfy their appetite for poker action with this product.

PokerStars VR is downloadable from the Oculus Store and Steam, and in 2022, it should get several new updates that enhance the playability of this established game, improving its competition formats.

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