Old School RuneScape Gold features and tips


Old School RuneScape Gold features

Old School RuneScape abbreviated as OSRS belongs to the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) category. The first we saw of Old School RuneScape was back on 22 February 2013 when it was launched by Jagex.

Since then we have seen multiple advancements and updates in the game and the fan base has only gone up. Interestingly Old School RuneScape has a bigger fan base than RuneScape.

It took the developers 5 years to drop the mobile version of the game, in 2018 the Android and iOS versions of the game were released.

Old School RuneScape is almost similar to RuneScape Classic in terms of functionality,  it can be played using the same account used to play the classic version of the game. But everything else starts from the scratch, each player will start his Old School RuneScape journey from Tutorial Island. All the stats, items, and quests from previous versions of the game are non-transferable.

Levels in Old School RuneScape:

A total of 4 levels are present at the moment, eligibility for each level is decided to evaluate the votes and some other factors.

Level 1:

The first level requires 50000 votes,  which is also the number of votes required to ensure the release of the Old School RuneScape release. However, it is at a very primitive level and hence doesn’t allow any bug fixes. Only major and critical maintenance is provided.

Level 2:

The second level asks for 250,000 votes. A $5 additional membership fee is applicable while there is still no provision for major updates, and bug fixes. However, a small development team is provided, and there is a scope for the introduction of modern-day anti-bot technology if needed in the future.

Level 3:

The third level asks for 500,000 votes. But comes with significant added benefits like that of the free eligibility with current membership, provisions for content updates. Anti-bot technology will be added in the future if required. Moreover, regular maintenance will be taken care of.

Level 4:

The last stage that is the fourth one has a vote requirement of 750,000 votes. You don’t need to pay any additional membership fees. The game will be open for free promotion to everyone.

Content will be updated regularly, Modern anti-bot technology will be added if necessary.

Also, there will be a big development team available all the time for continuous maintenance and support.

More about “Old School RuneScape Gold”:

  • The in-game economy enables the players to build wealth by farming gold and make real money.
  • It is noteworthy that OSRS gold is the base currency in Old school RuneScape. It is OSRS gold which is a medium of transaction in the game, it can be exchanged for equipment, weapons, and additional services in the game.
  • If you are a pro in Old school RuneScape then you can create some enormous wealth for yourself. This wealth can be either converted for real cash or can be spent on buying OSRS gold. The OSRS gold can be spent to boost the characters, the weapons, and much more!

Spend OSRS gold wisely to your advantage:

  • OSRS gold prices are decided by the shortage of gold among the players, while some pro players farm gold most of the others aren’t even able to meet the basic fold requirements.
  • Such people should look for cheap RuneScape gold buying opportunities.
  • You need to make rational decisions while spending OSRS gold, otherwise you can attract losses for yourself.
  • We don’t recommend you to spend your gold on skipping the low-level quests. As they may be a bit time consuming but are really easy to overcome. Because it doesn’t allow your characters to grab XP and upgrade it faster. As that asks for a level high enough to overcome challenging levels in a person.
  • Use it to buy weapons or extra features that are interesting.
  • The most important tip is to never keep your gold spare, lying in your hands, always use it somewhere. Keeping the gold in hand only depreciates the value of gold. And you will again be looking for buying cheap RuneScape gold opportunities.
  • You can use it to buy or upgrade skills, new features construction, herblore, and crafting. This will enable your characters to enjoy extra opportunities to make money.
  • If you are an experienced player, the best available opportunity for you is to exchange your gold for real money. You can sell it to players who are in need of it, and in exchange, you can demand real money. But we don’t advise you on this option if you are an amateur.
  • Moreover, you can convert your gold into a RuneScape bond. The RuneScape bond has many advantages over gold.
  • It provides added membership features.
  • It brings with itself, Runecoins, and keys. But most importantly RuneScape bonds do not depreciate as gold depreciates.
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