One Piece Chapter 918 – Luffy Is Enraged!


One piece Chapter 918

One Piece Chapter 918: 

Release Date: 20th Sept – Expected

One Piece Chapter 917 is aired & this chapter leaves a mark by showing Luffy enraged. It was expected Luffy beating up Holdem, but we did not expect to be this intense. It was alright till Luffy took Tama fro Holdem, but knowing she been harassed by him, makes Luffy turn his feeling to enrage.

Law, one of the most awaited characters of One Piece appearing in front of Hawkins as expected. But, it seems that we will have to wait for the fight for the next chapter.

It was unexpected to see Sheep, Beast Pirate Headliner along with the Beast Pirates entering the Bakura District. Sheep is here with the food treasure from Paradise farm & to meet Holdem. In this Article, we are going to talk about what we are expecting from One Piece Chapter 917.

Law v/s Hawkins:

In One Piece chapter 918, we might see Law v/s Hawkins. Being one simple reason; i.e. not letting Hawkins meet Holdem. Law knows that he is against Luffy & if he sees Luffy with Holdem, there is a possibility that Luffy is in danger.

In this chapter, we might see an intense battle between them. It seems that Law does not want him to know who he is fighting with hence covering his face. Law knows his opponent’s power and ability & hence he is willing to get rid of him as soon as possible. It is not that Hawkins will know who he is fighting with, but what’s important is to see both facing each other.

Luffy vs Sheep:

As Luffy had already beaten Holdem, it is quite obvious that Sheep will be attacking Luffy whereas, Zoro will take care of the rest. We are not yet sure about what’s Sheep ability and power, but we it is obvious that the fight will be interesting.

We saw how Luffy uses his Red Hawk gear, which leaves us to talk about his battle with Sheep. We will be seeing how Luffy will be fighting Sheep at the same time, he might go for the food that they have brought bullying the Paradice Farms.

Release Date:

There is no confirmation about the release date, but we expect them to not delay this time. We are expecting the episode to get released by 20th Sept the next week. But, if there is an update in the schedule we will update you here.

If you are with some information about this chapter, would request to update us in the comment below.

One piece Chapter 918
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One piece Chapter 918
One piece Chapter 918 will be another interesting chapter as we are going to read about the most awaited battle between Law & Hawkins.
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