Organizing Your Kitchen Doesn’t Have to Be Hard, These Tips Can Help You


Organizing Your Kitchen

Organizing your cooking area can seem like a herculean task, especially when you don’t have a lot of space to work with.  Deciding where to put all of those containers, shelves, countertops, etc can be nerve-wracking.

Many interior decorators make it their business to do just that for you. But, it doesn’t have to be a difficult job, especially if you use some good storage ideas from the pros. Plus you won’t be spending as much money hiring a professional.  

How Do You Get Started? 

The hack is to take advantage of common kitchen storage ideas to create unique, functional solutions, such as pantry drawers, hanging cabinets, decorative shelving, and utility carts. Plus, there are other design elements that you will need to think about such as a top rack or trash can skirt to lend your kitchen more style and extra space for storage. 

If You decide to seek professional help, you should go through every aspect of your kitchen with a fine-toothed comb, from cabinet designs to countertop materials to door styles. This way, the handyman or contractor has a clear picture of what you want to be done and will be able to make suggestions on how best to accomplish your goal. If you decide to get handy and do it yourself, here are some useful ideas.

Wall Mounted Cabinets

One of the most popular kitchen storage ideas is to install small wall-mounted cabinets on the ends of each major counter. These units are perfect for chopping boards, knives, butter knives, can openers, spoons, forks, and any other small items you have on hand.

To save even more space, look for small cabinetry with glass or stainless steel doors. Also, look for cabinet finishes in colors that blend well with your current decor; this will make your kitchen appear larger and more coordinated.

Installing wall cabinets allows you to get much-needed storage space, Install them high into the wall to create an organized area for easy access. Choose your cabinets carefully: measure and cut them according to the dimensions of your countertop and cabinets. 

These are ideal if you have a large kitchen or pantry. They usually come in three to four shelves and add extra shelves if you opt for extra shelves, such as a drop-leaf shelf or a corner shelf. These kitchen cabinet solutions can be used for storing dishes, utensils, cutting boards, bowls, containers, and more.

Hanging Baskets

Other kitchen storage ideas include hanging baskets from the kitchen ceiling. They are a quick and easy way to store seasonal produce. Hanging baskets help create extra counter space and draw attention to your unique characteristics.

A basket storage system is a practical idea for small kitchens that need extra storage without clutter. Look for a set of hanging baskets that includes an accordion-like handle and sturdy framework so the baskets will hang from the ceiling securely.

Cutting Board Rack 

A cutting board rack serves a variety of functions but is especially useful in small kitchens or pantries with limited counter space or no storage space. Durable plastic or metal cutting board can serve as a single point for cutting and several side grips for convenient storage. 

Cutting board racks can be mounted underneath cabinets to conserve space. Cutting boards come in many different sizes, but not everyone might have a frequent need for them,  so it is helpful to know the number of utensils you typically use in your kitchen before purchasing a rack. 


Drawers are the best way to utilize all the space you have available under your kitchen cabinets. They allow you to store away frequently used items and provide a safe place to store linens and other essential items. Consider installing a center drawer, which keeps items out of sight and out of mind, while keeping your countertop uniform. 

Organizing Cabinet For Utensils 

If you have a lot of cooking utensils and dishes, it might be helpful to purchase an organized cabinet. Similar to other kitchen storage ideas, serving cabinets organize frequently used items, dishes, bowls, forks, knives, spoons, ladles, and pots. 

The interior is easily visible and dust-proof. Most organizers feature locking systems to prevent unorganized dishes from falling out of their holders. If you are looking to save money and increase the overall efficiency of your kitchen, consider buying an organizer to store your most-used utensils, cookbooks, pots, pans, and baking ingredients.

Under Counter Cabinets

Another way to improve kitchen storage space is to install under-counter cabinets. These cabinets hide away all those little things like sponges, aprons, mitts, and spices, all while adding useful storage space. They’re a great addition to any home.

Under-counter cabinets with hidden compartments are a top choice, especially if you want to use these units for much more than just cooking supplies. You might even install a cabinet below the stove to hold cutlery, wooden spoons, or various other kitchen utensils.


While this might not exactly be part of your kitchen directly, it is probably one of the most used storage areas in the entire house. If you’ve got a lot of clutter in this area, you need to declutter and move bulky food items there so you can have more space in your kitchen. 


Organizing your kitchen is not as difficult as it seems. Most kitchens have plenty of shelving, either free-standing or installed into cabinets. The most important part of any kitchen organization system is finding good, sturdy storage shelving that can withstand the weight of the items that are stored inside. Then you can add some of these storage ideas listed above. With a little bit of effort, you will be able to live a life free of clutter.

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