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Tom John Light, 32 is an Israeli Millionaire living in Bulgaria, who unlike others from his community, has taken a connection with Local Community.  He first came to Bulgaria as part of his Job as as Vice President of SBTech Worldwide.

Tom John Light is one of the Israeli millionaires who is doing charity works.
Tom John Light is one of the Israeli millionaires who is doing charity works.

Bulgaria is on of the Balkan countries in the South Eastern Europe, with Sofia as its Capital City. Sofia has rich Heritage in traditional dance, music, costumes, and crafts dating back to 5th Century BC.

Bulgarian Orphanage

Eastern Europe under Communist was historically the region with highest percentage of orphaned children placed under State run Orphanages. After the collapse of the Communist rule, many of these children are put out of these Orphanages.

Tom’s concerned for Poor Children and his road to Sofia

Tom John Light has always been concerned about the welfare of children and have always strived to contribute in his ways for solving problems and finding lasting solutions to the issues that affect children. In Israel, Tom John Light was involved in fundraising as well as volunteering to create and run kindergartens for asylum seekers in southern Tel Aviv.

Detelina Orphanage in Sofia, Bulgaria

When Tom first relocated his business to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, he was exposed to a large orphanage located in the city which has had dozens of homeless, half-orphans. Some of the children are from low-income family backgrounds as well. Most of the children in the orphanage are of Roma descent, a common scene in the Eastern Europe. 

The Government had then reduced the age level of children from 8th grade to 4th grade due to high expenses and insufficient funds. So children were forced to leave the orphanage, and among them, there are so many intelligent children as well. When Tom John Light came to know about the situation of the orphanage, he wholeheartedly came forward to help them.

How Tom and his team took care the Kids at Detelina Orphanage?

Tom John Light began by donating electrical appliances, washing machines, and other things to the children at the orphanage. The kids at Detelina Orphanage are given monthly food supplies like lentils, rice, beans, sugar, flour, eggs, oil, pasta,, milk powder, cheese, minced meat and chicken.

When winter came, Tom took these children from the orphanage to the mall and told them to shop for whatever they wanted. Everyone got new and beautiful coats, winter gloves, and clothes.

Toms philosophy behind helping Orphans

Tom realized that giving them these things helped to build their self-esteem because they would be dressed in cute outfits like everyone else at school. Tom believes that a child must have high self-worth and high self-esteem because it helps in a proper child.

When the School academic year starts, Tom purchased comprehensive school supplies, including school bags, books, pencil cases, and personal gear for each child. Children’s happiness on their faces was worth it.development and in fulfilling their purpose as adults.

Tom is passionate about providing solutions for children that gives them a better life and more opportunities. Therefore he will continue to support the orphanage and its programmes, and Tom hopes that his involvement will make life better for the dozens of children in the orphanage.      

Tom says he does it because he enjoys it. It allows him to fulfil a dream of his own and also help to make the fantasy of others become a reality. He hopes that he can inspire more.

About Tom John Light

Tom John Light is a born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Entrepreneurship and Business has always been part of tom’s life. When he was 19, he moved to Los Angeles to work for InfoSearch Media (ISHM), a huge international Internet marketing company which works for likes of eBay, and Amazon.

He came to Bulgaria as part of my job as Vice President of SBTech Worldwide, which produces technology for sports betting platforms. In 2017, he left SBTech and setup his own company providing sports betting solutions, employing around 150 people.

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