Own A Self-Storage Unit? Here’s How to Find Clients for It


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The self-storage business is always in demand no matter what happens to the world’s economy. People will always need some space to store their stuff, making this business one of the most rapidly growing businesses in the United States. However, you cannot expect to establish a facility and hope that clients reach out to you on their own. You will have to promote your services to a target audience interested in resting a self-storage unit. For this reason, your need to follow these marketing tips to find clients and attract them to your business.

  1. What Services Do You Offer? 

To ensure that you are marketing to the right audience and investing in attracting leads instead of empty marketing, first, take note of your inventory. For example, do your units have wide doors? Temperature control? And if they do, what type of customers can benefit from these services. Smaller units are useful for people who wish to store their personal belongings. If a unit has wide doors, then it is perfect for storing vehicles and boats or RVs. And if you offer temperature control services, then businesses can use your self-storage units for their inventory. Once you narrow down the uses of your self-storage units, you will have to create a customer profile that will help you plan your self storage marketing strategy.

  1. Use Customer Data To Make A Target Audience Profile 

While collecting data from each customer who visits your facility or contacts for inquiry may seem like a hassle, it is necessary to create a target audience profile. You will want to collect information related to customer demographics, what type of services they are interested in. It will include inquiries such as:

  • Their age range
  • Gender
  • How far do they live from the storage facility
  • What are they using the facility for
  • What are the reasons for using the storage facility
  • How did they get to know about you
  • What sources provided them this information

Collecting this data will help you make a target customer profile and understand what resources work to your benefit.

  1. Assess Your Competitor’s Marketing Techniques 

If you don’t have enough customers or inquiries to help you create a customer profile, simply observe your competitors. Choose the competitors that offer the same or somewhat similar services as you, and analyze their customers. Apart from creating a customer profile, you can also assess their performance to see where they lack and in what aspects their services excel. If you find out that the market they serve is also your target audience, then use these observations to strengthen your business. It will help you create strategies for running your business and generating marketing ideas to attract more clients.

  1. Try Out The Tried And Tested Marketing Methods 

Traditional marketing methods are never amiss. Moreover, you don’t need tech expertise or a vast knowledge of marketing to use old-school techniques. So to start your marketing campaign, stick with posting and distributing flyers among neighborhoods near your self-storage facility. You can also opt to use billboards at high-traffic areas to increase recognition among the audience about your services. Therefore, put it in an area that is easily readable and has plenty of traffic. Then, highlight the main information about your services along with the address of the facility.

  1. Get Involved In The Community 

Community recognition plays a crucial role in attracting customers to a business, such as self-storage facilities. Therefore, a tried and tested method to increase business recognition about your services among potential customers is to involve yourself in the community. You can either participate in the community gatherings, help them out any way you can, or sponsor a charity or a cause that the community is passionate about. It can include sending donations to a non-profit organization or the local soccer team. These strategies will help in increasing brand recognition among the people, attracting potential customers.

  1. SEO 

Nowadays, marketing hubs have transferred from the streets to the internet. So if you want to attract customers from far away, you must promote your self-storage facility online. Through Search Engine Optimization, you can increase your company’s visibility on search engines like Google. For this purpose, you will have to use keywords that your potential customers can use to search for relative businesses. Using these keywords in your content increases your company’s visibility on the search engine, therefore attracting more customers.

You can use different marketing methods such as e-mail marketing, establishing a website, establishing a storage hotline. But these methods are only beneficial if you start receiving clients in the first place. To do that, you can use some of the tried and tested ways in the list to create a target audience profile and attract more customers. But it would help if you remembered to play with your strengths. You have to identify what unique services you offer and make your name in the market based on those services.

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