Advantages of the Peppol Access Point Cloud Service

Peppol Access Point Cloud Service
Peppol Access Point Cloud Service

PEPPOL Network has helped more businesses and companies to streamline the e-invoicing process regardless of the border challenges. It has quickly gained renowned popularity in many industries because it gives solutions to them. PEPPOL stands for “Pan-European Public Procurement Online.” Below the article, here find the Peppol access point cloud service.

It is a set of standards that dictate the messaging templates in the communications tools, including e-invoicing. The European Public Commission and government bodies are the important parties who had created the PEPPOL network.

This network provides the facilities to transfer the information across the public sector distribution. The automated process within the peppol network comes with the standardized messaging integration, which is relevant for the invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, as well as shipping notices.

The businesses and organizations will need to be certified peppol access point providers to join with the particular network. When they have become providers, they can communicate with other providers within the network. In this case, sending and receiving the procurement will be more viable.

These parties are going to exchange the documents in the network based on the 4-corner model. This model consists of four components: the sender, sender’s access points, the recipient, and recipient access points.

Within the environment, there’s UBL – Universal Business Language used to ensure the good alignment between the different sources. The network also contains the partner directories, which store the important information, including the recipients, processes admission, as well as the particular peppol access point providers

Peppol Access Point at a glance

The peppol access point facilitates both parties to send and receive the documents, including invoices, notifications, payment orders, catalog, and many more. Let’s imagine if your business is the sender of the document.

First things first, you will send the document via your CRM software to the peppol access point. Then the document is delivered through the peppol network to the access point of your recipient. And then, the document will be received by their CRM software.

The documents sent to you will work the other way. They got delivered through your partner’s AP to your AP and from there to your software. You won’t be oblivious when it comes to the transmission tracks. Using the Business Tracking software, you can see each transmission easily.

PEPPOL access has the right to grant their members with the Peppol ID, which you can use to access international e-invoicing networks. After your ID has been confirmed, you can safely send the e-invoices to all users who also use Peppol.

To send e-invoices through the international network, you must first connect to the peppol access point providers or become the provider yourself. The main principle of this system is “connect once, connect to all.” The good thing here is that you can reach all of the users worldwide as long as they are joining the network.

There are hundreds of access points that you can find around the world. So, there is no need to worry.

Advantages of the Peppol Access Point Cloud Service

This service comes with many advantages that allow all of the involved parties to enjoy the fully automated process. Here are the benefits which you can take from the certified peppol access point.

Effective and efficient solution

Many organizations are still stuck with the manual procedures in transacting. The amount of paperwork, contracts, and documentation can hinder the process. That explains why across countries, transactions have always been later. But with the help from peppol access point providers, the process can be done in automatic manners without significant risks and errors to worry about.

This system helps your business to minimize errors, improve efficiency and traceability. Not to mention that the information exchanged between the involved parties will be accurate and transparent.

Connect one to connect to all

THe peppol access point offers standardized messaging from the purchase orders to the invoice. The set of standards are applied by the members to not have any problem when transacting with the other members in the network. Galaxy GW will provide you with a good quality AP to allow you to connect and exchange documents smoothly with your partners. The automatic transaction and exchange can definitely help you to save operational costs and increase revenue.

Connect once with your partners

Exchange transactions through a quality single certified people access point. And then, your businesses will be able to connect to your partners’ AP forever. It will cut all of the complex procedures across the cities, states, and countries.

Standardized trading

Once set up, you won’t need to do the same thing again for the upcoming transaction. The significant continuation of the trades will be conducted easily in the future. The set of standards will make sure that your transactions are done according to the local and international regulations. While your premises are on the right track, you won’t need to worry if there’s any problem regarding the regulations where your partners are operating. 

Secure and safe transactions

The data center operators will be backed by the multi-layer of securities agreements, as well as recovery to protect everything and ensure it is intact. The quality access point will make sure everything works properly and safely.

Transparency of the information

One of the key features of the people access point providers is the transparency of the information. Galaxy GW can create quality transparency for the data exchange and make sure that all processes can run smoothly. In your part, you can see the overview anytime, controlling how the information is delivered to your partners.

Costs saving

The accounts receivable sales will be more advanced than before. Did you know that the people network can help its members to reduce the invoice processing fees by up to 90%? Through e-invoicing, that means there are many expenses to get rid of, such as paper, inks, post stamps, and so on. You can reduce the costs of invoices while being compliant with the tax and legislation from every country’s validation attempt. 

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