Phone Charging Hacks You Never Knew Existed

Phone Charging Hacks You Never Knew Existed
Phone Charging Hacks You Never Knew Existed

Are you wondering about how to charge your phone faster than before? We have all been in situations where we need our phones to be charged, yet we can’t find a charger or need to figure out a way to charge it quickly. If you’ve ever found that your phone is not just charging fast enough, there are ways that this can be fixed! Here is a list of phone charging hacks you never knew existed.

Closing Your Apps

We all love our apps. However, they do put a strain on your phone. Your apps burn up a certain amount of data and battery power. On most smartphones, you can see which apps are using the most battery power and screen time.

This can allow you to figure out which apps are draining your battery life rapidly, so you can close them and charge your phone faster. It’s a good idea to close the apps that you aren’t using as a general rule of thumb. Keeping them open runs down your battery life..

Battery Packs

Battery Packs are handy on-the-go ways to charge your phone quickly. These little guys help when you can’t find a wall plug in or if you only have the USB cord with you. Battery packs are greats ways to allow you to keep your phone charging at all times. 

Keep them in your backpack, purse, or pocket when you are on the go. Pay attention to the wattage and how fast it will charge your phone. This is an awesome gadget to carry. This way you will always have a way to keep your phone charged.

Quick or Super Charge Chargers

Pay attention to the grade of your charger. Usually each charger displays the type of power it has by signaling if it’s a 2.1 or 2.0 amps. If you’re looking for a super quick charger, these guys go up to a 3.0 amps. These kinds of chargers can rapidly boost your charging time in minutes. This is an effective way to start charging your phone faster and spend less time having it plugged into the wall. They even make wireless phone chargers with fast charging capabilities for speed and convenience. 

Another pro tip is that if you have an iPhone, use a charger designed for an iPad. The wattage on these chargers is higher and will result into a faster charge.

Switch to Airplane Mode

Your phone uses battery power to find a signal. If you switch to airplane mode, it will save the phone’s battery power and create a faster way to charge your phone.

This little hack saves a small but worthwhile amount of percentage when you’re looking for a way to quickly charge your phone.

When your phone is charging on airplane mode, your phone will save an average 8% versus the phone’s standard usage.

Stop Phone Use While Charging

While it is tempting to use our phones constantly, leaving it alone while it charges is the best way to charge your phone faster.

The fastest way for your phone to charge is to let it do its thing when all the apps are closed and you’re not slowing down the process because of usage. Using your phone incessantly as it charges can make it take longer for your phone battery to charge while you are waiting.

Turn Your Phone Off

When the signal, apps, and all other standard usage of the phone are off, it makes it easier for your phone to charge faster.

However, turning it off will completely stop the phone from using any standby power. Some phones immediately turn on when you charge it, so making sure that other apps in the background are turned off and keep the airplane mode on.

Don’t Use Your Phone While You Are Charging It

When you are not using your phone, it keeps the usage on the battery low. It’s always good to do this to help our phones charge quickly.

However, in today’s day and age it’s so easy to use our phones while we wait for it to charge. The trick really is leaving the phone alone for it to charge. This will help lessen data usage. It is great for the battery and will help your phone speed in charging faster.

Dim The Brightness

Keeping the brightness low also helps preserve battery life and helps your phone charge quickly. If you need a quick charge and you have to use your phone, keep the brightness down to preserve battery life and keep your phone juice levels up and running.

Battery Saving Mode

Charging your phone while it is in battery saving mode is a great way to get your battery levels up. This will help keep all other features, like location services and running apps, from sucking the life out of your battery.

If you’re charging your phone while it is on battery saving mode, it may help produce faster-charging results.  Keep in mind all these hacks when you are charging your phone. These solutions offer a great way to charge your phone faster so you can get on the go!

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