Piriform Improved CCleaner v5.10 – Cookie Management To Improve Browsing Speed


Last month on on 24th Piriform releases CCleaner v5.10 for PC. This new version is mainly released to improve the web browsing experience in your system. This new version have improved on their cookie management. Hence, no matter if you use any browser, you will notice a seamless performance.

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With cookie management, they have also improved on load time. Now when you update your CCleaner you will notice that it will take less load time as compared to the previous version.

Have a look at improvement made in the new updates CCLeaner v5.10:

  1. Microsoft Edge Cookie Management
  2. Bug Fix
  3. Cookie Scan
  4. Cookie Cleaning
  5. Firefox Session cleaning
  6. GUI improvement

To download the new version click here: Version of CCleaner v5.10

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