Power dialer use cases for business


You have probably read a lot of materials about outbound dialers if such a topic has interested you. Surely, it is much more interesting and understandable to read about exact cases than to study tons of theoretical statements without any link to reality – especially if we talk about the power dialer solution.

As with any other software tool, it has its main purpose, list of features, and field of implementation and use. But to achieve the deepest possible understanding of whether you need power dialer software or not, let’s look at its definition, main opportunities and options, and real cases where it can be used with benefits. 

Let’s go!

Power dialer software definition

Power dialer is one of three main modes of outbound dialer software, and it is developed to automate the dialing process and eliminate the manual work of agents who are involved in outbound calling campaigns. It dials in accordance with the specific dialing ratio that is customizable and can be chosen by the manager or agent before or during the campaign. It starts each dial only when the agent is free and the previous call is over. As with any other outbound dialer solution, it can detect and avoid hopeless phone numbers, such as busy signals, invalid phone numbers, out-of-the-zone, answering machines, and so on. It has also options to show insights and reports for each campaign, and, as it follows from the statement, it can run numerous campaigns simultaneously. 

The power dialer requires only one worker to be all set and work. It’s average efficiency is around 75 dials per hour with around a 50% of success rate. Nonetheless, the average success rate is highly individual and depends only on the quality of the base. As the power dialer isn’t designed for cold bases, its efficiency can also be lower if the base isn’t chosen properly or contains too many invalid contacts. 

Use cases 

Now let’s move to the tasks and goals where the power dialer can become your irreplaceable assistant and bring great outcomes. 

Outbound campaign for your warm base

The power dialer is ideal for warm bases and easily beats the predictive dialer for this task. Firstly, the power dialer has no chance of causing call drops. Secondly, it needs only one agent to be all set. Finally, it offers an option to leave voicemails – a great feature for warm leads. 

Customer retention

When you need to reach the customer who is churning, the worst thing you can do is start finding and processing them manually. Let’s just imagine what an agent or another responsible person has to do for this task to complete it: create a list of customers manually, manually search for customers who are churning, dial each of them a few times(hey, you don’t believe in miracles and that every customer takes the phone from the first attempt, do you?), put all these info into CRM, make sure that no one and nothing has been missed, and face some other problems – while doing such a multistage work manually, no one guarantees that some customers will receive a call a few times, and others will not be reached. Agents are living people, they can’t control everything – but software can.

How power dialer can help? Sort customers in the CRM by selected criteria(reason for leaving, status, etc.), import this list into the power dialer, and sit down and talk to them. 

What’s even better is the fact that each campaign will be tracked and you will get genuine and vital results and feedback about your customer retention strategy, its effectiveness, and results. 

Complaints processing

Another great example of a power dialer’s efficiency. Do you have numerous complaints from customers? Do the same as in the previous case – sort the lead base by criteria of customers who have left a complaint, import, start a campaign, and feel how great it is to process hundreds of customers without boring manual work and, what’s more important, with outcomes. 

Personal offering for VIP clients

Do you have some VIP customers who deserve and desire special service? No problem at all! Just compile their phone numbers into one file and unload it into the power dialer’s interface. They will really like that the agent comes to them with a special offering personally, and the power dialer option to integrate call scripts boosts your chances to get a new conversion and revenue. 


Up-selling is a great practice to get more revenue and sell products without that massive effort and too high price for customer acquisition, but there are some pitfalls. In some countries, up-selling is regulated, and each niche that is regulated requires an absolutely precise approach. Keep in mind that you have no right to fail, and manual work here can cause not only low effectiveness of the campaign but real problems. One mischosen phone number – and the fine is coming to you. Is this what you want?
Power dialer eliminates the chance of mistakes and helps you to dial only those customers who you need to. Absolute automation, deep stats, and pleasant filtering opportunities are a great addition to it.

Callback and missed calls processing 

As with all previous cases, the power dialer is the best for this task. Why? Because those who have ordered a callback or even called you on their own are your warm leads, and losing them is unforgivable. Are you ready to take the risk of call dropping or maybe you have five excessive agents to run the predictive dialer? Surely, the power dialer is more efficient for this task and just needs less effort to be successful. 

Which industries need the power dialer the most? 

This question has a short answer – every business that needs a highly personalized service and has to process long customer service calls. The list includes real estate, B2B, fundraising, insurance, banking and financial companies, small business, e-retail, and so on. 

If you are on this list, then it is your day – we have an ultimate solution for your outbound strategy, and our Power Dialer can cover all the cases described above and even more. To learn more, use the following link to discover all benefits and features of our ultimate Voiptime Cloud Contact Center Solution

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