Powerful Words That Could Help Your Business Grow

Powerful Words That Could Help Your Business Grow
Powerful Words That Could Help Your Business Grow

The competition in marketing gets fiercer by the day. Both small businesses and large corporations are battling it out for dominance in the ever-evolving business world. As a marketer, you probably ask yourself every day, what can you do to set yourself apart from thousands of other businesses just like yours? Businesses that are selling the same things you sell, offering the same services you do. below in this article, we will cover the Powerful Words That Could Help Your Business Grow.

You probably wonder which words you could use in your promotional campaigns that will suddenly shift things to your favor. Well, what you may not know is that there are power words for business, and those who have mastered them are driving sales silently.

According to Fernando Flores, to command power, you have to master speech acts. Otherwise, you are just a talker.

As a business, you already know how hard it is to get someone to buy your products, but what if certain words could get you closer to those conversions? Here are five powerful words that when used wisely, could help grow your business:

Best Value

You come across words like ‘best value’ or ‘unbeatable value’ as you browse through products and services on the web, and you ask yourself, why is it I keep seeing value everywhere I go? If you tend to pay attention, you’ll notice the word, and it will make you think. Otherwise, you won’t think anything of it, and you’ll move on.  

The truth is, the word value works, and that is why you see it being used by everyone: affiliate marketers, niche gurus, influencers, business owners etc.


A good marketer knows you can’t keep talking about yourself when addressing leads. Heck! Nobody likes people who keep talking about themselves. So, it’s worth remembering that you are trying to sell to real people with intrinsic ideals. The word ‘You’ shifts the attention to the person you are addressing, which means they will, in turn, focus on what you’re trying to portray. 


Shocking is a compelling word packed with curiosity that your prospects can’t ignore; that is if you deliver it correctly. You’ve probably come across ads that go like ‘Shocking revelation’ or ‘Shocking new way no one is telling you about’. Use this word wisely, and you may just alter the course of your marketing campaign.


Yes, you are trying to sell and not in the business of charity, but you may want to consider the art of give-to-receive. Do not underestimate the power of free stuff. It works almost all the time. Marketers who understand the real value of free are scaling their business to new heights. You’ve seen sentences like ‘get it for free’, ‘free for a limited time’, ‘free! No strings attached’. Usually, after the free icing, the cake is up for sale. 

Words have the power to change people’s perception of reality. And considering reality in business is subjective, you can pretty much manipulate many of these word gems to your advantage, so long as you remember that misrepresenting yourself is worse than putting your hands in the fireplace.

If you have any experience to share about the influence that power words had in your business, please don’t hesitate.

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