How to prepare Class 8 for maths olympiad?

Prepare Class 8 For Maths Olympiad


In today’s world everyone is focusing on their studies and that a good sign but they are not even trying to gain knowledge from their surrounding. Ome should focus on their studies but they must also focus on build their own knowledge of empire. 

Many school are trying the same to increase the knowledge of their students. They are trying to teach them something else from their studies. As some school are organizing olympiad. 

Now the question is how to preapse calss 8 for maths olympiad? The answer is clear. We must tell them the reason behind this olympiad. They will gain some knowledge and the most important thing is that they will gain knowledge or maths and also about the question cone in different examination that they will apply for in their future. The biggest advantage of these kind of olympiad are that they will get certificate of the olympiad and if they secure top ranks in the olympiad then they can even get an opportunity to apply in foreign schools and they will also get assured scholarship. The scholarship will also decrease the pressure of their fees from the shoulder of their parents, and that will also give trast to their parents that their child will definitely do something great in their future. 

Now let’s focus on some methods that will help class 8th to get prepared themselves for these kind of olympiad. 

First of all preparation of all the topic should be done. The children must know all the topics so that they can get some confidence. So topic wise preparation is most important. 

After completion of the topic wise preparation, we should provide them worksheet for their practice and also to check that what they have learnt from the topic wise preparation. The score will display everything. 

After completion of these the worksheet practice, then we should give them different level sample paper to compete their preparation and even for their practice for the olympiad type questions. 

After completion of all these activities, then we must focus on previous year olympiad paper. Previous year paper contain good question that will increase their IQ and they will have the basic idea of the olympiad questions. 

Then we can add some new methods like giving them quiz, question paper with mcq’s. This will check their level of their thinking power and they will learn new things more quickly.To do so effectively and efficiently you should follow the following steps-

  1. First you have to start with basics and should cover the topics and questions there in your school book which you are studying regularly and have an excellent command over it. Side by side you should also start making notes of the formulas which you can go through at last for quick revision. 
  2. You should check the syllabus once again for seeing the weightage of each and every topic and according to it you should plan your further time table and start gathering questions to solve.
  3. You can also have a look on your test, worksheets and assignments which you have completed earlier because it is noted and seen that previous assignments, tests and worksheets often offer extra and different problems to solve and practice and highlight the key concepts which are there present in the syllabus.
  4. Once you are done with assembling all the things for your preparation like questions and solved test papers and knowing the exact weightage of every topic or concept you should decide the amount of time which you are going to spend daily on your studies to prepare and set an achievable goal for it.
  5. You should not get distracted and stay focused for your exam by making a perfect balance between your Olympiad preparation and your curriculum classes. 
  6. You should ask your school teachers to help you out in your studies and also ask them to tell you some important topics and questions related to it.
  7. Take notes from every possible way and collect as many sources of study material as you can. You can also gather study material by going to library and issuing good Math books which MCQ, solved test papers, etc. solve the questions by yourself and check for your mistake if there are any and start working on it. Also practice papers like Class 8 IMO Class 8 2013 Question Paper.
  8. After doing so you should be clear about the basic techniques and theorems of Mathematics by now and ready for taking this further on next level. 
  9. Find for the best papers online from verified sites and which is unique for you i.e., that you have not practiced earlier. Focus on the application of Mathematical formulas in real life situation whenever possible because in Math Olympiad most of the problems are listed in a way that you cannot approach it directly. The best book which one can get for preparing for the Olympiad is IMO for class 5 (International Math Olympiad) book which is full of questions to solve like it have Mock test, solved question papers and assignments in an engaging way.
  10. After you have done with solving the problems which is easy for you start looking for harder ones so that you get yourself prepared for higher level questions because solving the same questions again and again not going to fetch you something.
  11. You should also practice the previous and current mock test and stay positive while keeping one thing in mind that you can solve any problem because psychological state of mind also matters a lot at that time.
  12. After doing all the work for preparing yourself for the examination, you should go through your notes which you have prepared all the way while preparing for the exam and give your best.

 So, these are the steps that a Class 5 student can follow and keep in mind while preparing for the Math Olympiad and easily score good marks in it. By following these steps one can go further in the competition.

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