PRINCE2 Project Management – 4 Steps to Success


PRINCE2 Project Management

Why do project managers need to know project management?  Well, they need to know because project management training will never be out of fashion, concerning this type of career.  Learning project management is the way to ensure you are making the right choices when learning how to become a project manager. As outlined on a prince 2 training course certification.

Some of the steps you need to take to become a highly successful project manager include:

1.  Planning – and nothing more, even if you get to the end of the project and instantly realize you’re never going to be able to complete the task for today.  Planning is the first move in almost anything, and for good reason.  Someone may want to do a certain job for you, but if you don’t know where to start, it could cause a lot of trouble for you.

Setting goals is a part of planning.  Once you know what a person or group will do, you can plan the strategy you will use in order to move them along the project.  That person or group can learn at your feet on their own time.  By continuously planning and looking at your goals from a common-sense perspective, you’re not going to have to struggle to deliver your tasks as you get more and more out of practice.

2.  Time management – this is the easiest part of project management.  Becoming a ready and willing employee is much easier than you would think.  You can almost be like a race car driver…riding it straight through the gates.  Coming up with new ideas takes a lot of time and energy, and you have to have an idea of how to do this.  Working on the clock every day will just lose you, your honor, as an employee.  You need brainpower, and the energy to do that is worthless unless you can use it.

3.  Leadership – This part is probably the most difficult part for even the best managers.  A project manager has to move others around him or her.  You have to be able to make the lives of others look good than the boss, and have to make sure that you can do things you’ve never done before.  A problem may get solved and you may know exactly how to do it, but others may want your help in the management of it.  You need to have empathy for others. You need to lead, but also lead with some philosophy and Without leadership, you will not know what you’re doing.

4.  Scope management – this part is probably the hardest part of project management.  You have to be able to say just what is needed with the view of the project and your business structure, or you’ll be wasting precious time planning for something that won’t be used.  By having the ability to look ahead and understand your reasoning, you can keep up with all of the changes ahead of you.

Project management does not sound like something that is easy to do.  There are a lot of key components to this craft, but if you find that you have them all under control, you will soon understand the complex nature of things and be able to get more done in a shorter period of time than you may have thought possible.

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