Business Process Insights: End-to-end efficient building solutions 


With the increasing number of semi-structured business processes, companies need to strategize and narrow down business process bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Moreover, there is a requirement to identify the hidden process gaps right at the activity level across different dimensions such as user, department, and time dimensions. This is where the role of business process insights come into play.

What are Business Process Insights?

Business process insights are ideas which add value to an industry and also drive the discoverability of end-to-end processes. Such knowledge which adds value to a brand can generate new ideas or enhance existing concepts. Insights include compiling intelligence and understanding what happens, how (the process works) & why (the reason that it is successful). This way, things can be resolved or even reversed (if need be). So, let’s delve into the expansive world of business process insights and see what exactly these can do for your business. 

How do business process insights work?

Consider advertising or marketing – wouldn’t it be ideal for these processes to be data driven for better outcomes, rather than just random campaigns? Enticing customers based on intelligence will always yield superior results than blind customary protocol. EdgeVerve’s AssistEdge Discover does just that. Firstly, it auto captures (empirical) data. Then, research via predictive analytics by deploying extrapolation to formulate process maps also harnesses the power of task data. The result? A blueprint for process automation is born! This can be collated and summarized as dashboard reports for ultimate convenience. Let’s now unveil the beauty of process insights and business process insight software. 

Why are business process insights imperative?

Well, it’s simple: 

  • Drives task mining by capturing complex granular process data at each task level and then generates insights via advanced AI algorithms. This is via computer vision and keystroke logs
  • Based on multiple deployments via experiential RPA projects and processes
  • Boosts automation speed with robust enterprise industry grade scalability for quicker rollouts
  • It remains a proven solution with its secure architecture, subjected to continual audits and scrutinized certification
  • Lightweight infrastructure footprint, offering better profit and ROI
  • Deep Process Analytics via AI algorithms and Neural networks for E2E task analysis

What are the advantages of business process insights? 

Furthermore, Interactive Process Visualisation enables interactive process mapping with an ultimately ergonomic WYSIWYG interface. Now patterns can be easily captured this way, focusing on design intricacies & variations too. 

Moreover, ready to run analytics provide visually enriched & efficient dashboards which offer almost live data feeds on automation & optimization potential, plus conformance ratio. 

The automation blueprint is generated via revolutionary process & task level data. This is organized into deep business insights, generating a blueprint. 

Data privacy & security are both achieved via advanced features. These include data encryption and minimization for GDPR compliance, authorized access control, openness, purpose restrictions and anonymization cum screenshot protection. 

Intelligent UI & UX integrations form intuitive plus intelligent commercial oriented designs. These are simple yet advanced workflows which facilitate informed decision making. 

Business process & work Insights – the data connection

Work insights can also be derived from business process insights.  These yield accurate, customized and virtually live insights regarding working methodologies. Measure and benchmark team productivity across the organization and drive a culture of transparency and excellence

Insights also flourish from data analytics (mainly) and research, although data in itself is not an insight. Nonetheless, contextualization & enrichment can be drawn from data. By converting data to insights, brands are able to drive such transformation processes.

However, in order for data to be considered or become an insight, it needs to fulfill the minimum requirements:

  • Furnish pertinent and viable intelligence, suitable for the commercial objective
  • Assist forming informed decision processes
  • Propel strategic actions to promote expansive yet sustainable growth
  • Troubleshooting problems, avoiding them, or even enhancing operations 

How can insights help you? The other aspects…

Data driven strategic pathways heavily depend on insights, paving the guiding path for businesses to make intelligible decisions based on statistical trends. This analytical approach redefines how businesses operate, be it their responsiveness to unexpected or unprecedented events or taking on new challenges.

Marketing insights mainly arise from collated customer survey data. These are applied to create campaigns, customer experiences and material which align with their needs and provide value. Insights also form the basis for content customization and are implemented. These customer enticing actions span: creating buyer avatars cum consumer stratification, streamlining the entire experience and funneling customer-centric strategies.

Business process insights: The way forward

Business process insights assist data flows for optimal operational performance. This ensures sustainable development for the future. Now brands can not only benefit from the anticipation of knowing what to expect (or at least with greater predictability), however also more consistent outcomes. This encourages investors & stakeholders to bid on projects more fearlessly than ever before. 

The uniqueness of business process insights

It’s simple: in today’s contemporary marketplace, knowing what’s happening from a financial & operational perspective – and why is essential for survival. If businesses wish to thrive and flourish during unpredictable periods in hostile environments, then business process insights are definitely the way forward. Deploying a potent combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), NLP (Natural Language Processing) & Computer vision, all insights can be collated and unified for an ultimate deep analysis into how a company is performing. The data is identified, captured, filtered, processed, and then translated into a meaningful, contextual output. What more could leadership ever want?

Business process insights – Final thoughts

With adversity comes a change and with change comes development. Therefore, with adaptive change comes a revolutionary review of existing convention and how this can be enhanced in every possible way. The result? Quicker, more efficient, and productive working methodologies which benefit the entire supply and demand model. Be it supply chains, producer to user – all become end-to-end solutions for the betterment of society. Essentially then, this is a win-win situation in virtually all aspects. 

Now, we can collaborate everywhere for teamwork driven outcomes, favoring all parties involved throughout the process. So, here’s to the ever-brighter future – filled with aspiration, hope, inspiration and most importantly – guiding INSIGHTS. The next time you ever wonder or need a flurry of intelligent information at your fingertips, then why not consider implementing business process insights into your workforce. Be informed, stay tuned and always updated with whatever is occurring around you! Whether it’s manufacturer to procurer, financial services or SAAS products, all industries need business process insights to drive their workflows efficiently. So, never fear when business process insights are there to back your quality framework, always ensuring the best for your business – every time. 

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