Promising Uses of Blockchain in Tweaking Cybersecurity


2020 has been a disconcerting year in every way. In fact, ‘disconcerting’ is probably an understatement. It all started with an invincible virus wreaking havoc in the planet and perpetually changing our lives. No one was prepared to deal with such a pandemic. below in this article we will cover the Promising Uses of Blockchain in Tweaking Cybersecurity.

The economy is in tatters, and the doldrums in the business world is a story that we need to tell later. Tens of thousands of industries have shut down their operations permanently, and millions around the world have lost their jobs. One cannot say for sure when this battle against one of the strangest enemies shall come to a close and when normalcy shall be restored.

2020 has also been a year where several organizations and enterprises faced security issues and became victims of hacks, both major and minor. Therefore, providing the best security to these elaborate systems has been the topmost priority for most of these organizations and Blockchain-based solutions have been considered the most in this direction. 

Promising Uses of Blockchain in Tweaking Cybersecurity
Promising Uses of Blockchain in Tweaking Cybersecurity

However, it shall be wrong to state that Blockchain is the preferred mode of security only among the business leaders. A couple of years ago, NASA also decided to implement the complex structure of blockchain technology in an attempt to boost its cybersecurity. It also sought to prevent the denial of service and attacks on services related to air traffic with the use of Blockchain.

Therefore, it need not be said that Blockchain is gradually emerging as one of the most viable options when it comes to lending security to business and other significant enterprises from cyber attacks. That said, the focal point of this article is to take a look at the several uses of the blockchain technology in tweaking cybersecurity. Therefore, without delaying any further, let us move on to understanding the uses of Blockchain in enhancing cybersecurity.

Storage Solutions that are Decentralized:

In the day and age we live, data is becoming more important and valuable than any currency. Your business runs on tons of sensitive data. From confidential information about transactions to information about clients, data plays a pivotal role in mining the success of your business. Therefore, it is imperative that one protects and secures these data. 

However, most businesses still use centralized systems to store their data, and this is one of the most convenient things that you can do for hackers. Fortunately, with the decentralized nature of Blockchain, hackers can no longer enter the system from one single point and steal your data. This usage of Blockchain has also proven useful in various transactions using cryptocurrencies. 

The transactions using cryptocurrency platforms (about which you can find more if you click here) are kept secured with the aid of Blockchain technology and hackers find it difficult to break in. In fact, in order to steal information, hackers have to modify the complex algorithm of each of the blocks in the Blockchain system. This is why most of the enterprises these days are considering Blockchain technology as a means to secure their data.

Storage Solutions that are Decentralized
Storage Solutions that are Decentralized

Security of the Internet of Things:

More often than not, hackers break into systems by exploiting the weaknesses and loopholes in the systems. These systems can range from routers and switches to doorbells and smart thermostats. These devices are extremely vulnerable, which is why it is easy for hackers to break into these systems.

Blockchain technology, fortunately, can be used to protect these systems from hackers and different types of attacks. Blockchain technology can help these IoT devices with enough ‘smarts’ so that they can make crucial decisions without depending on any one central authority. 

For instance, these devices can join in to form a group decision regarding occurrences that are normal in a specified network, and can lockdown in nodes facing abnormal or suspicious behavior.

Another use of Blockchain in securing these devices is that it can protect data exchanges between IoT devices. Blockchain technology can be used to ensure that communication between devices that are miles apart happens in a timely manner.

Ensuring that there is Security in Private Messaging:

The third and the final use of Blockchain in enhancing cybersecurity is that of ensuring security and privacy in private messaging. Most of these messaging apps use the model of end-to-end encryption. However, some other apps have begun using Blockchain to keep information secure.

A lot of metadata is also collected from conversational exchanges on social media. These social media platforms also need to be secured with the help of Blockchain technology. There are several apps that still lack a standard set of security protocols, and that is where Blockchain can fill in. Blockchain communication can deal with this issue and create a unified system of communication.

Summing It Up:

Blockchain security is emerging as the most sought-after mode of security. Several big enterprises are now leaning towards Blockchain and trusting it with their security. The key factor that makes the Blockchain so desirable is that it is decentralized. When data and network traffic is not stored in a single central unity, it becomes a challenge for hackers to break into systems and steal data. Therefore, the security can be enhanced, and systems shall no longer remain vulnerable to threats.

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