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Love blogging?! Or do you like writing and sharing your ideas and opinions on different stuff. If yes then you must surely be thinking of starting your own blogging site. Well, that is not a bad idea but as a beginner, you would need some assistance with that. For starters, where to make and how to make a blogging site. You can opt for NZ WordPress hosting as it is the best choice out there to have your blogging site managed to save you from too much workload. While running a blog, you might come across various technical issues and complications in your websites and you might not be able to solve all of them.

It is troublesome to always keep calling your tech guy to solve your website issues, which can be minor ones unknown to you. But if you choose WPhost as your host, it will become a lot easier for you as Managed WordPress Hosting manages your website on your behalf and fixes any arising issues without poking you for it. There are additional features of WordPress Hosting mentioned below:

Pros of using Managed  WordPress hosting

  1. Security:

While running a website there are times when you can face threats to the security of the website. There are times when websites can get hacked or can be used for something inappropriate without your knowledge. NZ WordPress hosting takes care of this problem for you. They have their support team look after any security threats to your websites in advance and even if someone is able to crack in your website, the WordPress host provides automatic daily backups in case to recover your loss if you have suffered any. They also offer regular maintenance services to keep your website intact. 

  1. SSL certificate:

To prove the authenticity of your website to your viewers, you would need a Secure Sockets Layer certificate also known as an SSL certificate. It serves as a security protocol and establishes an encrypted connection between a web browser and a web server. The process of installing an SSL certificate is quite time-taking. That’s why having a WordPress host to manage your website also helps you to create an easy link between your website and web browser. And it provides you with an authentic SSL certificate within a few clicks, avoiding any hassle.

  1. User-Friendly interface:

As a beginner, getting things done might get difficult since you don’t know your way of the things around the website workings. But with the NZ WordPress hosting, you will be able to learn things quickly as its display and interface are easily understandable. Even if you have more than one website, it provides you the facility to manage all your websites from a single dashboard, unlike other web providers where you have to keep switching between different site setups. Additionally, WordPress hosts also lookout for updates on your behalf. It automatically updates to the latest versions so that your website doesn’t lack creativity.

  1. Access to development tools:

Managed WordPress hosting provides you with all kinds of developer tools on your dashboard. You can easily access these tools either on the default panel or on your customized dashboard. Tools like RTL Tester, plugin, theme creation, WP-CLI, Duplicator and many more help you to manage the website more easily as well as make it more attractive. And as a plus point, all these developer tools are offered free by WordPress hosting. You don’t need to pay any extra charges for their basic versions. 

  1. Performance:

The performance of any commodity is the most important factor of any type. Even if the product has immense features, it would all be in vain if they don’t work well. WPhost is built in such a compatible way that its system links an efficient configuration with the hardware, firmware, and software to make it run smoothly.  Managed WordPress provides high speed and loads faster. Thus saving your website from lagging or site freezing. Sometimes cases of web service providers crashing or being out of service occur. The reason for this could be system incompatibility. However, you can rest your mind at peace if you are using WordPress Hosting. As system malfunctioning rarely occurs and if it’s the case, the managed WordPress has a support team that quickly fixes the issue.

  1. Cloud-Based Hosting:

Cloud-Based Hosting can be counted as the most beneficial feature of Managed WordPress. The accessibility of websites is not limited to a single server. Cloud-based hosting provides greater flexibility and scalability using cloud resources. It really helps to increase the performance of websites on all kinds of servers.

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