How To Improve Your PUBG Gameplay And Get Better At Battle Royale


PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battleground is one of the most popular smartphone games. Since every game in PUBG consists of 100 players, you would need to be better than everyone else to come on top. 

If you want to help perform better or win, you can use these powerful pubg cheats. Let us take a look at some of the basic moves that can help improve your PUBG game and get better at battle royale.

Improve Your Aim

You can stay alive at the game by avoiding fights, but conflicts are unavoidable if you want to become a winner. Even if you have the best guns the game offers, you will need to have a good aim if you’re going to use those guns. You can use several different ways to improve your aim. 

You can use the PUBG practice range to improve your aim. Utilizing the aim master and Gyroscope also helps.

Using The Right Sensitivity Settings

Every mobile device is different, and not using the proper sensitivity can hinder your aim. Using higher sensitivity can make you aim at random locations and make you lose a shot. 

Tweak your sensitivity settings till you find what works better for you. You can also check the pros used to have a better idea.

Use Those Grenades

Smoke or frag grenades can be of great use to lure an enemy out of hiding or distract them while you get away from their sight. While looting, many players find grenades and pick them up but forget to use them in the game. 

Using grenades can quickly get you out of difficult situations and an upper hand over your enemies.

Choose A Gun Combination

No matter your choice of combination for your guns, make sure that you choose it once and stick with it. Players often use the combination of M416 and AKM or sniper with AR. 

Using the same gun combination will help you understand the gun’s recoil and act with your muscle memory. You will learn everything there is to know about guns with practice.

Choose Your Vest And Helmet Wisely

When you are looting any unused equipment, you should always go for the highest level possible. But if you are looting off a dead enemy, you have to decide as the gears are damaged. 

Choose a level three helmet even if it is damaged, as only a level three helmet can protect you from a helmet. But while choosing a vest, if you find a level two vest with total health and a damaged level three vest, then level two would be a better option.

Playing At The Outer Edge 

If you want to stay alive, you should play at the outer edge of the circle. You know that the area behind you is safe, and you have to keep an eye out in front for any danger. 

If you play in the middle of the circle, enemies are everywhere, and you will need to be on the lookout for any danger from everywhere.


This is probably the most important tip that most of the players forget. Practice can make you a better player. Try to improve your game with each match that you play. Keep an eye on the scorecard and evaluate what you can do better to improve your rankings. 

Also, don’t try to improve your ranking when you are a novice at the game. At first, try to get as many kills as possible; it will help enhance your KD ratio when you learn how to play the game.

Using Cheats

Even though cheats are considered illegal, most players would advise you against them. The chances are high that the players you are competing against are using them to have the upper hand. 

While you are just starting with the game, you can use cheats to better aim or save yourself from an enemy.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

If you are new to the game, you should choose your battles wisely. You can’t come out a winner from every battle, and taking unnecessary chances is not a smart idea. 

If you see someone who has full armor and an AWM, it is probably not a great idea to engage with them. If you want to stay alive, then pick battles you can win.


Getting better at Battle royale takes up a lot of practice and experience. But you can follow these simple tips and tricks that we have shared above to improve your PUBG gameplay. 

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