PUBG Mobile Game Review: The Best Multiplayer FPS For Mobile Gamers

Same maps, same weapons, same vehicles, yes I’m talking about PUBG Mobile (Players Unkown Battel Ground). One of the best multiplayer FPS game available for the mobile devices. I’ve been playing this game since last week; I got the chicken dinner three times in this game. You can say I’m not rookie anymore so here is my PUBG Mobile review.

My Review

Is it addictive? Well, I’m hooked on this game from last week, and I can say it is pretty much addictive. Well for those who don’t know PUBG is a PC game with multiplayer FPS title which is launched for Android and iOS devices last to last week. Just like when it launched for PC and became the most played game instantly, same has happened with the PUBG mobile as well.

Talking about the PUBG mobile the game was launched with three international servers, North America, Europe and Asia. But with the increasing popularity, another server ‘South America’ has been added to the game. I don’t like Asia; it lags a lot, it’s my personal opinion though. Let me break this review in good and bad about the game.

Starting with all the good, the game is ditto copy of the PUBG PC version. With the perfect graphics and good controls, PUBG Mobile was able to surpass the downloads of all the other same (fake PUBG) games. There was a news out that the game is filled with bots. Now I don’t think it is filled with boots, but certainly, bots are playing in the game. But still, the game is fun to play as you can enter into the game solo, duo or with your squad of four peoples. It’s is an addictive game, brings out the FPS lover and your survival instincts this game is one of the best. Massive multiplayer experience in mobile. Best online FPS game I have ever played on a mobile. I’m an FPS lover, and all the game which portrays the same gun recoil becomes my favourite automatically. PUBG mobile offers the almost same recoil and five different types of scope made the game more interesting. Red dot and 2x is my favourite scopes other than these there are holographic, 4x and 8x scopes in the game.

After telling you all the good about the game now let’s talk about the bad. There is no such bad about this game. Servers lag sometimes but this can depend on your network as well. Other than that the circle encloses very fast and finding a vehicle is not that easy. There are so many times when I was running in the entire game as I didn’t find any vehicle to travel.

This review is more like an introduction to the topic. As there will be several other posts and gameplay videos are going to come. I play it every day and if you want to join me and play with me “itsvibhav” is my game I’d add me, and we will have fun.
Till then stick with us for more geek related stuff.