Qualcomm Ventures To Invest $40 Million In Chinese Companies: The Next Generation Mobile Technology Expected


In the Press Conference at Beijing, on 11-Dec-2014, Qualcomm announced to invest $40 million in Chinese companies. They have chosen the leading companies, which have supported mobile and wireless technologies with their innovative work and technologies.

They company they have selected to invest on are:

  1. 7Invensun
  2. Chukong Technologies
  3. inPlug
  4. Unisound

Senior vice president of ventures and innovation for Qualcomm, Nagraj Kashyap said, “Qualcomm is passionate about innovation and committed to helping advance the Chinese wireless industry,” said Nagraj Kashyap, senior vice president of Qualcomm Ventures. “With a focus on semiconductors, mobile application enablers, smart home and healthcare, this group of startup companies closely complements existing products and services from Qualcomm Incorporated’s subsidiaries. We look forward to working with these innovative companies to provide financial, marketing, technology and business support to help propel them forward in the competitive wireless ecosystem.

Having these 5 companies, associate with Qualcomm, we expect to have a lot of innovation in the latest mobile devices.

My prediction on the next generation mobile technology:

  1. With 7Invensun, we expect to have a better secure locking feature, as they are already known for their eye-tracking solution. Which means, now we can unlock our device, where our eye will be an answer to it.
  2. With Chukong Technologies, the entertainment platform provider in mobile industry, I expect that the new technology will have a open media to get funny videos, songs, movies and etc. will be just a click away.
  3. With inPlug, our mobile device can also work as a home security device.
  4. Unisound, is a provider of voice recognizing and processing technology, which ensures that voice command will improve in the coming mobile devices.

Apart from this Walden Internationals is one another companies associated. I currently have no idea on what role this company will play, but Walden International is the forerunner as the venture investor in investing in semiconductors companies all over China.

With the news update the expectations with the coming mobile technology has become high.

Will keep you posted on this update!!