Quick and Easy Editing for PDFs Using PDFBear

Quick and Easy Editing for PDFs Using PDFBear
Quick and Easy Editing for PDFs Using PDFBear

The natural state of PDFs remains less modifiable. Unlike our usual files in MS office programs such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations, PDFs are quite tricky to edit. Their natural construct makes them difficult to modify as they are initially designed for more convenient file transfer and document printing only.

However, you have two options for making alterations to your PDF’s content. With the new technological advancements like PDFBear, you can access these PDFs and make necessary modifications. You should learn more about this free online tool since PDFs are one of the most used file formats nowadays, provided with how flexible they are.

PDFBear: The Free PDF Editor

Unlike with the usual Adobe programs, you do not have to spend a dime for PDFBear. This online PDF instrument is for free. If you were Googling how to edit PDF online free earlier, then you have finally found your answer. Your first option is to maximize the free PDF editor. Take note that you can only use PDFBear if you are connected to the internet.

If your superior only requires you to make small edits, like adding a few figures and sketches, you can take advantage of this one. With PDFBear’s PDF editor, you can free draw and highlight using a free hand. You can also add texts, shapes, and images. After making these changes, you can save your newly edited PDF right away.

Other Light Editing Options

PDFBear is not only limited to adding texts and drawings. You can also check out these other light editing options wherein you can add watermarks, page numbers, and e-signatures! As you well know, PDFs are too challenging to rotate without the proper tool. PDFBear can take care of that for you!

Add Watermarks To PDF

In this modern age society, social media is unrestrained even to the younger generation. Thus, many people share different content for the sake of likes, attention, and money. This would also mean that some would cross the line and forget about copyright infringements. How can you protect your electronic files or PDFs in these situations?

Adding watermarks to your PDFs will solve this dilemma. You can signify proper ownership of your PDFs when they are linked with your text or image watermark. PDFBear also has a tool to add these watermarks to your PDFs without costing you a penny! Whether you are adding a text or image watermark, PDF can do it for you!

Add Page Numbers To PDF

People usually tend to cram whenever the deadline is near. One of the primary factors contributing to this cramming is inefficient time management. So how can you get rid of these time constraints with electronic files? You should organize your electronic files better to avoid these kinds of complications.

In this case, you can number your PDF pages to avoid confusion and data loss. With a more organized PDF page, you can elevate your workflow better without compromising your work quality. With PDFBear, you can choose the page number positioning. Saving your newly edited PDF and the entire process takes less than twenty seconds only.

Permanently Rotate PDF

Rotating PDFs is never a simple task when you do not have the proper tool. PDFBear is the ideal pick for this task as you can perform a PDF rotation anytime and anywhere! Again, this online PDF instrument comes for free! By using PDFBear, you can rotate your upside-down or sidewards PDFs permanently in just less than thirty seconds!

Add E-Signatures To PDF

Yes, drawing your free hand signatures is difficult on computers. However, you might find PDFBear as an easy-to-use tool for this task. PDFBear anticipated these unwanted circumstances and prepared a platform wherein you can draw quickly. After uploading your PDF, you can add your signature, initials, or signer.

PDFBear PDF Converter: For Heavy-Duty PDF Editing

As you can see, PDFBear’s free PDF editing services are vast and are of very good use. However, if you are required to change your content, we suggest you stick with the PDF converter. Although PDFBear has a free PDF converter, you might have to upgrade to PDFBear PRO for this one.

Upgrading to PDFBear PRO gives you full access to PDF conversion and its available tools. You cannot make complete editing to your MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files if you do not upgrade your subscription. With this PDF converter, you can transform your PDFs to their most accessible format and edit them to your MS Office programs.

Another advantage of this free online instrument is that it works well with most computer systems, including Linux. PDFBear’s versatility is beyond exceptional that you can also work with your PDFs on your smartphone! So whenever you have your PDFs, appropriate programs, and stable connectivity, you can start working on your PDFs using PDFBear!


PDFs used to be very challenging to modify in their earlier phase. Thanks to PDFBear, we do not have to stick with the conventional ways of changing them, where only technical professionals can do.

So whether you need to perform light or heavy edits, you can take advantage of PDFBear and get your file in just less than a minute! If you want to upgrade to PRO, you can check out their website and try out their 14-day free trial. Try it out for all your document editing needs today!

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