Racing Game Peripherals Hardcore Racers Should Have


A lot of gamers love racing games not just because of the “thrill” and the feeling of beating opponents in races. Rather, a lot of racing gamers just love the sheer feeling of being able to handle a vehicle – in our case, cars – through death-defying speeds and stunts in complicated tracks without the risk of being injured.

With this in mind, we’d want to be immersed in our rides as possible, right? And what better way to do this than to actually get ourselves the tools to replicate that “thrill” as best we could? In this article, we’ve compiled perhaps the best sets of racing game peripherals out there in the market. And the good news? You can actually use a lot of these peripherals for your other games as well! below in this article, we will cover the Racing Game Peripherals Hardcore Racers should have.

Get yourself a steering wheel to feel the thrill
Racing Game Peripherals Hardcore Racers Should Have

1. Get yourself a steering wheel to feel the thrill.

What’s a racing game without an actual steering wheel to ride your vehicle with? If we’re already talking about simulating the feeling of riding a car as a pro racer, might as well go all out. And thankfully, we’re not running out of stock of quality gaming steering wheels anytime soon. If you’re out to prove your racing dominance, you should probably get yourself a steering wheel. Most gaming steering wheels today are coupled with handbrakes, a gear shift, and a set of pedals. Quality in terms of these peripherals really depend on which works best for your current game and setting.

    • Thrustmaster T300 RS can be perhaps considered the best racing wheel in the market, or at least in the Thrustmaster brand. It’s compatible with the PS3, PS4, and a PC with a USB connection. It weighs a hefty 3kg, but it does support rumble, has great force feedback, and a huge rotating angle. What perhaps can be hassling is its rather questionable handbrake placement, and the smell once you’ve used it for a while. For a USD 227.67 device, though, it does seem worth the purchase.
    • Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel is a great improvement past the G27 wheel. Not only that, but it does feature a wide variety of feature comforts to make driving a much seamless journey for you. It has colored LEDs at the top of its central column, which lets you know when it’s time to change your gears. Each pedal is responsive, and the brake pedal is specifically non-linear, making braking much more realistic. This particular device is designed to work with the PS4, though, so you need to get the G920 for Xbox play. It also doesn’t have a stick shift. It does compensate for additional PS4-exclusive buttons! As to whether this is worth the USD 403.15 price, though, is another question for players.
Always be prepared to adjust controls with a keyboard that suits your tastes
Racing Game Peripherals Hardcore Racers Should Have

2. Always be prepared to adjust controls with a keyboard that suits your tastes.

Who says we only have to use steering wheels for racing games? If you’re an avid PC gamer, you should probably have a keyboard not just for efficiency, but specifically for racing as well. So, no – this doesn’t necessarily have to be shiny and extremely colorful keyboards. Rather, this usually means finding the right keyboard that’s both responsive and has enough feedback to let you feel in control of what you’re doing. 

    • The Razer Ornata is worth your USD 49 with its gorgeous backlighting and snappy keys. Razer’s keyboard is apart its Logitech G810 and Corsair K70 counterparts because of its sleek appearance. It sports a low profile body shape, and shorter mid-height keycaps. This keyboard also has its “mecha-membrane” switch under its keys that give a smaller travel distance between keyboards while still retaining that satisfying “click.” This is perfect for both heavy-duty racing games, and even light free online racing games like Moto X3M 4.
    • The Das Keyboard X50 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a stylish and sleek keyboard sporting an aluminum top plate and a modern aesthetic. It’s not as bulky as other gaming keyboards, and instead sports a minimalist and stylish look. Not only that, but it offers a control knob, a comfy palm rest, a long 2-meter table, and the ability to disable the Windows keys during games. This device lets you play racing games but still look stylish and elegant. 

Sit like a pro racer with gaming chairs

3. Sit like a pro racer with gaming chairs.

When you see a gaming chair, it helps to realize that they aren’t just “bulky” for no reason. A lot of gaming chairs have “complex” designs for ergonomic reasons. If you choose the right gaming chair for your racing habits, you’ll most likely get a chair that can make you feel as though you’re actually behind the wheel. This can be totally an immersion thing – but knowing you’re comfortable playing a racing game can make your experience extremely fun and worth the while. 

    • Epic from Noblechairs touts amazing comfort for a hefty USD 389.99 price. This can be a bit “off” for some, but the Epic chair has a ton of features for gamers who want a comfortable but customizable chair. The chair isn’t just extremely comfortable, but its parts are extremely adjustable for your tastes. Its wide-back design uses a faux leather covering to lower costs, but still has that amazing feeling of comfort that players might want to relax. Its arm rests, back tilt, and adjustable height controls allow you to really feel as though you’re racing.
    • The Secretlab Titan 2020 is a fairly recent gaming chair that’s prepared for the coming decade. This is primarily a gaming chair for overall use, but it’s perfectly capable of handling a racer’s needs. The Titan, also Secretlab’s biggest chair, can support gamers across all sizes. Its armrests can support adjustments across four directions, and its neck pillow has a memory foam lined with cooling gel to help you achieve the utmost comfort. 

Wear a pair of headphones to aid immersion

4. Wear a pair of headphones to aid immersion.

Aside from a steering wheel, you should probably get yourself a pair of awesome headphones to help you feel the tension and the thrill throughout any match. This might be granted “must-have” for other games as well, especially those that are proud of their immersive gameplay. However, driving and racing games most especially need this kind of peripheral just to give you that extra “oomph.” 

    • The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless lets you feel you’re in the heat of the race with its wireless kit. This PC and PS4 peripheral might cost a hefty USD 293.95, but it does pack a lot of punch. This device supports both Bluetooth and 2.4G connections, and it has lossless audio and a Hi-Res speaker as well. You can also use this headphones from as far as 40 feet, too! This means you can play whenever you want at home or in the office, and setup your gear without worrying about wires.
    • LucidSound LS35X is testament to the brand’s attention to detail and design. This USD 149.99 device sports a comfy and stylish build with audio comparable to other top-draw devices. And perhaps it’s main appeal is its ability to work best for the Xbox One. Anyone using this device can enjoy its custom-tuned 50mm speakers, mic monitoring dual mics, and top surround sound capacity. 

The Best Peripherals: Look for Immersion, Thrill

Remember, choosing the best peripherals doesn’t always have to do with price or with appearance. A lot of it has to do with just how well these peripherals can replicate and immerse you in games of your choice. Hopefully, the peripherals above have given you an idea just what to look for in terms of gaming accessories to amp up your racing experience. This might seem hard at first because there aren’t a lot of  “accessories” in racing games based on real-life vehicles. However, if you look for the right tools, you may just be able to turn your rig into a massive racing game powerhouse! 

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