Raids in the world of warcraft


Warcraft is a popular online video game that has been around for over 10 years. The game is played by millions of people all over the world. One of the most popular features of the game is raids. Raids are large-scale battles between groups of players. They can be challenging and fun, but they can also be dangerous if not done correctly.

Raids in the world of warcraft

Raid groups are a technique to have parties of 5-40 people separated into 8 groups of 5 players each. Traditionally, “raid” and “raiding” relate to PvE raid instances. Raids are the game’s most challenging and engaging PvE content.

When on the “Social” Panel, select “Raid” and “Transform Group to Raid” to convert your party into a raid group. Alternatively, right-click your character portrait and select “Convert Group to Raid.” Then any invited players join the raid group (up to 40). This requires 2 persons (i.e., a party). No one can form a raid group alone.

Unless the quest requires a raid, players in a raid group do not get credit for quest completion. Players will gain less experience killing any mobs when participating in a raid. Players can’t form very big groups to finish normal quests or other content designed for parties of 5 or less.

To join a raid group, you must be level 10; however actual raids start at level 60. Instances needing a raid have a raid timer, so vanquished bosses stay defeated until the instance is restarted (typically once a week).

In the past, 40-man raids (such as Molten Core and others in original WoW) were the most intense arrangement. Since WotLK, all new raids have 10 or 25 player options. Flexible raiding was introduced in Mists of Pandaria with the Siege of Orgrimmar and expanded to all difficulties except Mythic, which requires 20 man.

Raid as an end game

Raids are designed for characters that have attained max level. Since the game doesn’t allow for skill upgrades or new abilities, the only way to improve a character is to raid for better armor and other rewards.

The raid members need to have a certain amount of damage-dealing, damage mitigation, and/or healing skill to complete almost any raid event or defeat any monster. Most of these bosses also demand the crew to adopt certain, often unusual strategies. While some of those strategies are adopted by smaller groups, they generally demand a level of variety that smaller groups lack.

Due to these specific criteria, most raid bosses take practice to beat. Due to a boss encounter, being overgeared/overleveled may not allow the raid to ignore the planned strategies.

These guilds spend a lot of time in raid instances, defeating (or practicing to kill) raid bosses. They have the advantage of knowing their members’ strengths (or lack thereof) and adapting their strategies accordingly. They also have a shared interest in the success of future raids, which “pick up raids” lack.

The original WoW client lacks time, threat, and other features that some guilds use VoIP software to provide.

Commitment to guilds and time

There is some academic debate on raids as they are now designed in major graphical MMOs, mainly about how much time they take. A normal World of Warcraft raid takes 3-4 hours to complete and numerous sessions to get there. Basically, it can take up as much time as allowed. Practical constraints (work/school schedules, exhaustion, etc.) usually limit how long gang raids are.

A Final Fantasy XI raid lasted 18 hours until the participants chose to quit. Many boss fights in World of Warcraft have an enrage timer to keep them short. Given the time commitment required to succeed, several game developers and researchers believe raiding can become an obsession, affecting one’s capacity to care about real-life objectives and achievements. These criteria should be considered when deciding whether or not to join a raid.

Starting a raid

The “Convert to Raid” button is found in the Group box. This is a “group of parties,” each containing eight parties and five characters. The raid commander can pull people between groups to move them to various parties; however, Blizzard has phased out this method. The leader can elevate additional characters to invite, kick, and broadcast raid warnings (using the “/rw” command).

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