5 Most Common Reasons Why Websites don’t get enough Traffic

5 most common reasons why websites don't get enough traffic
5 most common reasons why websites don’t get enough traffic

Although you invested your time and money in creating an appealing professional website, it somehow still doesn’t get a satisfactory amount of traffic? Receiving little or no return from such an investment is probably not pleasant and motivating but there are probably some good reasons why the website performs that poorly. Here are five of the most common ones.

  1. No SEO strategy

Google is not your enemy but it won’t allow you to get on the first or even second page of the search engine if you don’t prove your worth. And today it’s all about a well-conducted SEO campaign. First, you need to invest in an in-depth SEO audit, preferably made by a well-qualified agency. If you’re only doing what your gut tells you to do, it may not be enough. You have to know what are the basic inadequacies in your website before you come up with a proper strategy.

5 Most Common reasons why websites don’t get enough traffic

  1. Low-end user experience

You’ve created your website not only for the almighty Google but most importantly for the customers. That’s why you ought to pay special attention to their needs, requirements, likes, and conveniences. If your site is troublesome, tedious, and tiring, you’ll lose your potential clients in your competitors’ favor. Examine and analyze your customers’ profiles, identify their desires, and check if your website responds to all of their requests.

  1. Insufficient or poor quality content

Your website’s content is one of the most essential elements when it comes to optimizing it for search engines and gaining more considerable traffic. If you don’t take enough care of its quality, you may not rank high enough in Google. The conclusion is that it just has to be included in a good SEO campaign. A professional agency like Fabrykamarketingu.com can support you in choosing the right topics and the length of particular texts. It’s also advisable to start writing a regular blog (if you’re not already doing that). And not only with some uninteresting SEO articles but with useful knowledge that will attract your audience.

  1. Resigning from social media

It doesn’t really matter what kind of business you lead. It just needs to have its social media accounts – most preferably the ones that matter the most: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. You don’t have to focus on all of them but choose only those that your customers are most interested in. And what then? All you need to do is start posting! Being in contact with your clients is extremely important. You can bring them closer by posting some clever, interesting, and engaging content. You can inform them about new products or services, your achievements, promotions, and even wish them happy holidays. Although it may not seem easy, you’ll get it with time. You can also hire an agency to do it for you.

  1. Not being mobile-friendly

You know that most of the clicks come from mobiles, right? And have you ever checked how your website behaves on most popular smartphones? Does it display properly? Does it load swiftly? Is it readable enough? If one of the answers is “no”, you should fix it right away!

So, now you’re aware of all the possible reasons why your website lacks enough traffic. There’s nothing more to be said – just get to work and check what needs a bit of improvement!

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