Finding Remedies of Pitra Dosh through Vedic Astrology

Pitra Dosh through Vedic astrology
Pitra Dosh through Vedic astrology

The younger generations believe more in science and technology in the modern age. The traditional values and practices are derailing them. If based on science and technology, there is nothing wrong, but then there are certain instances or events about which science or technology do not even have a response. In astrology, one such instance is known as Pitra Dosha. So you need to find an astrologer for pitra dosh remedies.

As the name suggests, the dosha that occurs in the horoscope due to disrespect to parents in the previous life, irresponsibility in handling the duties, and abuse of power and place in the previous life are the Pitra, meaning ‘forefathers.’

What is Pitra Dosha?

In simple terms, a Pitru Dosh is created in an individual’s horoscope when his/her ancestors have committed a few slip-ups, wrongdoings, or sins. Therefore, this person should pay the Karmic debt in different circles of his life by experiencing different disciplines chosen for those debts.

Ancestral souls experience intense thirst and hunger. As they do not eat anything on their own and during Shraadh ceremonies, they can only accept their offerings. Therefore, feeding and satiating them through the daily Poojas on their departed tithi is highly important for the children (lunar day). It is assumed that if you do not give your ancestors water and food, it will have adverse reactions to your family in current life and subsequent generations. This is referred to as Pitru Dosha or ancestral troubles. So you need to find pitra dosh remedies.

Pitra Dosha’s Impacts

An individual’s forefather’s rage will bring him various problems such as debt, dissatisfaction with new projects, and medical problems.

  • Health Effect: Pitra Dosha has irritating effects on people’s health and minds, leaving them physically unsound or ailing.
  • Effect on Conceiving: In conceiving and maintaining the blood relationship further, Pitra Dosha also poses a dilemma now and again.
  • Impact on wealth: Economic stability and protection need to be affected by individuals, enormous debt that drives a person to outrageous poverty, deterrents in business activities, facing difficulties in securing financial benefits, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Impact on marriage: Pitra Dosha may adversely affect his or her relationship with the partner or darling of life. Marriage postponement, strained married life, fruitlessness, extramarital enterprises, and even breakup.

Do this to remove Pitra Dosh remedies:

  • We need proper pitra dosh remedies to remove pitra dosh if a person suffers from it, and then he should perform Shraddha on any Pitru Paksha to get rid of it. By doing this, the ancestors were pleased with wealth and happy life and bless the individual.
  • Other than that, the women in the house go to the kitchen to prepare food after washing. The cow’s mother brings out the first bread to be eaten. Also, keep clean water in the house at all times. Pitra dosha remedies are also useful ways to address this issue in Lal Kitab.
  • To get the blessings, donate food to animals at the time of the eclipse.
  • Read the Bhagavad Gita every day in the morning and evening to derive positive energy from this, which will help remove Pitra Dosha.
  • In any case, try to keep your tasks as pure as possible, don’t be hasty, and try to evaluate everything.

Pitra Dosh Remedies in Vedic Astrology:

The most prescribed remedy is on the day your ancestors left the earth to conduct Shradh. With heartfelt appreciation, this should be done. If you are constantly having issues within your family, it can do wonders to perform Shradh and seek your deceased elders’ blessings.

During this time, do not purchase something new or launch a new company. During the Shradh time, which is 15 days, there should be no family festivities no matter what occasion. In order to relieve the ill effects of pitra dosh, you can have the Pitra dosh nivaran puja performed by a learned pandit.

Regularly watering a banyan tree, feeding the Brahmins, or contributing to the poor and needy are some simple pitra dosh remedies. It would be helpful to practice meditation as it will allow you to manage anger bouts and improve your tolerance levels. To decrease the effects of Pitrudosha, you may also choose to wear the prescribed gemstones. After consulting a reputable pandit or astrologer for proper guidance, this should be accomplished.

Praying to Lord Rama is also a good remedy for Pitra Dosh. From time to time, visiting well-known temples to obtain blessings can also help a lot. Fasting will prove advantageous during this time. These are some of the treatments that can minimize or remove the impact of Pitra dosh from your life.

By consistently doing good deeds or only waiting until the penalty time is done, this kind of dosh can be nullified. When this dosh is constant, the beneficial effects of another world and Mahadasha would be of no benefit. These are signs that you may have Pitra dosh. This is, however, a simplified way of seeing the dosh.