Remote Controlled Toys: The Latest Trends


Remote Controlled Toys

Remote-controlled toys have always been in the top list of presents for kids. Due to their mobility and range, these gadgets that one can operate from a distance feeds a child’s curiosity and yearning for exploration. Moreover, RC toys nowadays, sport a modern touch as a result of the continuously growing demand of consumers to play with something entertaining, functional, and trendy.

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 Below, we listed some of the latest technological trends and some amazing remote-controlled toys currently in the market.

 AI Infused Remote Controlled Cars

 Because remote-controlled cars are no longer as jaw-dropping as they are back in the time of Home Alone 3, RC toy companies had to develop a more advanced infusion that could help humanity with many difficulties. And with AI steadily becoming a dominant force in tech, new generation toys like,   traxxas RC cars have AI integrated into them.

 These AI-infused remote-controlled toy cars showcase personalities that manifest depending on conditions. Due to these, self-driving toy cars are now in the market. Apart from brand-manufactured toy cars, you can now create your new AI-integrated self-driving, RC car with Google Collab and other tools!

 Phone Controlled Toys

 What if you got plenty of remote-controlled toys? An RC car, an RC helicopter, an RC mouse to tease your cat, and more, would you still be happy to keep and operate multiple remote controls at the same time? Although it’s fun to see them move, and you can give the RC of the slogger toy to your little brother, it can be tiring at some point.

 Now, there are RC toys that you can manipulate with your phone. Through a quick and reliable Bluetooth connection, you can enjoy hours of game time without the mix-up.You can find toys like this on

 Programmable Robots

 The old, lever-type remote-operated, box-like robots have gone a long way. But don’t laugh at these predecessors as the new generation of robots of yesterday’s dream, came from old mechanisms and devices. The only difference apart from their appearance is the fact that their owners can write programs, and they can be left to manage themselves.

 Apart from being programmable, these bots will usually receive advanced and fascinating features in an attempt to create an all-in-one, human-like machine. Some of these additions include LED grid displays, internal sensors, data collectors, the ability to speak, and more.

 AI Drones

 In just a few years, drones evolved quickly and are currently miles away from where they were before. Some of the new models can be as small as a tennis ball, and as lightweight as a feather. More than that, their camera received great improvements like many of the latest drones can capture 8-megapixel stills while capturing 4k videos at 30fps.

 RC Toys For Household Use

 RC gadgets also flourish in the realm where entertainment and being functional meet. Whether your mom sees the new Robo Vacuum as a household cleaner or you and your cat play with it like a race car toy is irrelevant. These remote-controlled gizmos got their share of new tech that is AI.

 Some of these Robo AIs, your mom, would love to use are Alexa, Robo Vacs, Robo Nannies for kids and dogs, and more. They can be remote-controlled, voice-activated, or writable so they can be autonomous and continuously learning at certain times.

 More RC Toys?

 Everyone would want to have more. And if you’re looking for some fresh RC gadgets, we think that there would be plenty of new arrivals for the coming years. For the latest news and informative articles on remote-controlled toys, check out RC Guides.

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