Role Of Technology In Education

Role Of Technology In Education
Role Of Technology In Education

Technology plays a crucial part in the students’ and tutor’s lives, and this influence has been extended to education and other sectors. There has been rampant use of smart devices like smartphones and laptops in the learning process. Some educational experts believe that it is a distraction to most of the students.

The truth is that technology has played a significant role in boosting education. The digital devices, tools, and apps have enhanced collaboration, engagement, and learning. The secret to enjoying this powerful tool is in guiding the students to achieve their academic goals. Tutors need to come up with strategic and practical approaches for the course material.

Technology helps in integrating communication, creativity, and collaboration. Tutors have become creative with engaging instructions for their students. They can upload the information, and students access it using smart devices from any place. That is one reason educational institutions have seen the role technology plays and adapted it into the system.

Keep reading to know the role technology has played in the education sector:

  • Blended Instructions

With technology, students have access to online platforms and resources that offers practical learning instructions. When they need extra help, it becomes easier for them. is one of the reliable online platforms to help students with their academic challenges. They can incorporate all they learn in class on the same platforms. Tutors have an easier time when maximizing their roles and enhancing more interaction.

  • Accessibility to Resources

Technology brings about internet connection; this tool helps students and tutors have access to learning materials. Students can use educational apps to open resources from universities all across the globe. All they need is detailed instructions on how to get this credible information and ways to utilize it.

Students can interact with online groups via virtual communities. Tutors, on the other hand, can set up learning portals for their students.

  • Enhances Student Engagement

Technology has played a significant role in enhancing collaborative and interactive platforms. Students do not need to memorize any information; they can participate in interactive quizzes and discussions. Student engagement can also be achieved via educational games from the virtual lab or virtual field trips.

  • Expansion of Classroom Boundaries

Technology has helped in breaking the norm that the classroom is within the four walls. There are no longer boundaries; students can learn anything from all over the world. Students can learn at their own pace, especially with online assignments. In case a student needs extra time, they can practice their learning outside the class session. When you need spare time and help, it is possible to communicate with your tutor even after the class session. Students can access online resources from any geographical area, and tutors offer the needed help.

  • Technology Promotes Innovative Approaches

With technology, students have accessibility to more information. Students can get online courses and resources like instructional videos and recorded lectures with more possibilities and innovation. Students can have collaborative group work and hybrid class sessions. With a better response system, it offers more understanding of the course content.

Technology is sometimes seen as a threat when it has played a significant role in education in an absolute sense. Teaching has been integrated into interactive practices with engaging learning materials. Students do not need to learn within the four walls; they can use other platforms to learn. Social media and YouTube have become influential in the learning process. New technology has made life better for the students, and they are enjoying the learning process. It is applicable in the classrooms, making it interactive, accessible, and enjoyable. Technology is available for both the student and the tutor with no intention of replacing good teaching.

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