Safely Traveling and Flying With Your Vape or E-Cigarette


Safely Traveling and FlyingYou are probably reading this article in preparation for travel. Chances are, you own a vape or an e-cigarette and are wondering if you can bring it on a plane. Will you pass airport security? How do you even pack a vape for travelling via air?

This quick guide will pinpoint some dos and don’ts of flying with your vaporizer or electronic cigarette. Let’s get right to it.

What Is Defined as a Vape or E-Cig?

So, you know what your vape is, but how is it properly defined in airport terminology? While scanning travel laws and airport websites, look for any of these words to find the airline’s specific vaping rules.

  •         Electronic nicotine delivery systems
  •         Battery-powered E-cigarettes
  •         Electronic cigarette
  •         E-cigarettes
  •         Vaporizers
  •         Vape pens
  •         Atomizers

Can I Bring a Vape or E-Cig on a Plane?

The short answer to this question is yes. You can bring a vape or electronic cigarette on the plane if you are flying from within Canada. The CATSA official guidelines for e-cigs state that you can bring your device in your carry-on baggage.

However, both the CATSA and the US TSA do not allow any passengers or crew members to carry these devices in their checked luggage. This is simply due to the fire risk it poses if something were to go wrong. So, it’s safer to keep them in your carry-on or purse.

What About Flying with Refills and Juice?

Yes, you can bring your e liquid juice on the plane with you. However, there are guidelines since it is considered a liquid, even if it’s just a JUUL pod. All juice refills or pods must be smaller than 3.4 ounces (100mL). Check with your airline for any specifics.

 When you are planning a trip, don’t forget to bring your e liquid taste with you!

Can I Vape on the Plane?

Don’t even think about vaping while on the airplane. It’s treated just like smoking a real cigarette. The risk of getting caught is just not worth the headache, no matter how sneaky you are.

Besides, if other passengers see the clouds of vapour, you might send the whole cabin into panic mode because they think something is on fire. Just don’t do it if only for etiquette.

How to Pack a Vape, E-Cig, and Accessories for Travel

We’ve already touched a bit on how to pack your vape for airline travels. But there are a few more details that would be helpful to know. For example, CATSA doesn’t require you to remove your e-cigs from cases or bags for screening.

Securely tuck your pen in a safe, cushioned pouch inside of your carry-on bag. Let’s say it again: NEVER put an e-cig or vaporizer of any kind in your checked luggage.

For packing liquid accessories, throw your e-juice in the same bag as your toiletries. Opt for a mini bottle if possible to save space. Interchangeable pods may also be placed in that sealable bag.

For packing extra vaporizer batteries, this rule is a bit tricky. Spare batteries are allowed in your carry-on. However, bring only one or two extras. Pack them securely for flying (i.e., they won’t be rolling around in your bag). The fewer batteries, the less attention you’ll get from the security check.

Taking Your Vape or E-Cig broad

Every country has different rules and guidelines for vaping, on or off the plane. So, make sure you check local laws before travelling. For example, you definitely wouldn’t want to bring your vape or e-cig to Thailand!  Vaping in Thailand is banned, and it has been for almost a decade.

If caught, you will have to pay a hefty fine and potentially serve a jail sentence.  Other countries with strict regulations include Lebanon, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Brazil, but that’s not all. However, you can certainly bring your devices to the USA or to the UK. 

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