How To Get More Sales On Your Ecommerce Store


Sales On Your Ecommerce StoreEveryone who owns an ecommerce store wants to increase the amount of traffic that it gets and the conversation rate from these visits. However, actually achieving this can be a challenge for some store owners – especially those ones that do not know the first thing about ecommerce marketing or advertising. 

Ecommerce marketing

In order to be able to get more visits to your website through using certain tactics and tools, a store owner must first understand what exactly ecommerce marketing is. To easily understand and manage your ecommerce store, you must use the best eCommerce management software that helps drive all online store processes, helping owners manage inventory, add or remove products, process payments,and fulfill orders without wasting time. Essentially, it is the means of promoting a store for the purpose of getting more traffic to it, in the hope that these visitors turn into customers and make a purchase. In an ideal scenario, these customers become repeat ones that keep coming back to make more and more purchases. 

An effective ecommerce marketing strategy should consist of tactics that are used both on your online store and off of it. The best strategy will build up awareness of your brand, make customers more loyal, and increase the number of sales that you receive on your online store. Some of the tools and tactics that can be used for the purpose of putting together an effective ecommerce marketing strategy are listed below.

  • Integration with Instagram – boasting more than 500 million unique users of this social media app each and every day, Instagram is a tech giant and when it comes to connecting customers with brands, it is the ideal platform to use. By using good quality photos and correctly using hashtags, a store owner is able to really build their following on there and direct potential customers to their ecommerce store. 
  • Stopping carts from being abandoned – each and every time that a shopping cart is abandoned, it means that you are missing out on a potential sale. From the latest studies into this phenomenon, it shows that almost 70 percent of all shopping carts are abandoned on ecommerce stores. Some of the main reasons why this happens include the cost of shipping being too high, the need to create an account to check out, and the purchasing process being a long and complicated one. By addressing each of these issues, a store owner can really boost the amount of sales that they get.
  • Open a store on Facebook – Facebook is a great social media platform promoting an ecommerce store. To make your own store on there, the process is quite straightforward. There is even the functionality on there to integrate that store reject with your own ecommerce store. If you are using a sales platform such as Shopify, this process is a very easy one and means that you do not have to have two separate stock inventories.
  • Capture email sign ups – one of the best and most cost effective ways of reaching customers is through email marketing. For instance, if an ecommerce store spends 17 percent of its marketing budget on sending out emails to its customers and potential new customers, it can expect to receive a 24 percent increase in revenue off the back of that. Direct to customer emails act as a more intimate way of interacting with your audience, providing store owners with more space to get their message across compared with the messaging that they are able to put out across the various social media platforms that they may or may not be on.
  • Implement a live chat feature – there are various different chat tools out there that can be integrated into pretty much any ecommerce store. Having this functionality is a great way of engaging with customers and potential customers that are currently on your online store. Some of the more sophisticated tools allow store owners to target visitors to certain pages, those that have been browsing around the store for a certain length of time, or those that have got there via a link from an email that has been sent out. If a visitor has a question that they need answered right there and then, a live chat feature provides the perfect facility for them to do just that, with instantaneous feedback. Providing this type of service builds up consumer confidence and encourages sales to be made.
  • Use user generated content – customers want to know that other people have purchased products from your ecommerce store before and that they were happy with them. Using photos and videos from happy customers not online on your online store but right across all of your social media accounts is a really effective way of doing exactly that. This is backed up by the latest research, which shows that as much as 54 percent of customers put a high amount of trust in the recommendations and reviews that they read online. 
  • Optimize the store for use on mobile – it has been estimated that by the end of 2021, greater than 50 percent of all transactions made on ecommerce stores will be done on either a cell phone or some other type of mobile device, such as an Apple iPad. By making your online store fully optimized for use on mobile devices, it means that the design is responsive so changes to meet the size and shape of the screen that the customer is using to view the ecommerce store on. With so many people now using their cell phones to do online shopping, online stores now need to be designed with these types of visitors in mind.
  • Offer a loyalty scheme – store owners do not need to focus all of their efforts on gaining new customers in order to increase sales. This can be done simply by showing more love to the customers that you already have and rewarding them for the purchases that they make. On some ecommerce stores, repeat customers account for as much as 22 percent of all revenue so this is a big area to focus on in order to improve sales. Setting up a customer loyalty scheme is a sure fire way to keep them coming back and spending more money.
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