Samsung Galaxy S9 Appeared On Geekbench – Shows 4GB RAM Yet Again !


We have caught a new Samsung device called the SM-965F that is without a doubt, the Galaxy S9 (or maybe the S9+).  Samsung has probably started the testing of their upcoming flagship & as they ran a Geekbench test, we have came around it.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Appeared On Geekbench


As you can see in the Motherboard section, it is using the new universal9810 Motherboard which means that the Exynos 9810 SOC has been used in the device. This once again confirms that, this device is nothing but the Galaxy S9. It also shows 4GB RAM so, come-on Samsung, 4GB RAM in 2018 ? How is that even logical ?

Samsung hasn’t unveiled any specifications for the Exynos 9810 but, in this result we can clearly see that it’s again an Octacore SOC & it is clocked at 1.5GHz (Base). Though, we still don’t know what is frequency of the Boost Clock.

Now, as this is a testing period result, you don’t need to go freaking crazy on the low Benchmarking scores too much as those will probably increase a lot. The Multicore score will probably be more than double of this result but, we’ll have to see that after Samsung properly optimizes their device. However, this actually confirms that Samsung is planning to launch the S9 pretty early in 2018. Let’s see what they can do this time.


Source: Geekbench


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