Samsung Galaxy S9 High-res Commercial Image Leaked Out !


The Galaxy S9 is probably the most hyped upcoming Flagship & leaks are everywhere. Though Samsung may launch the device in MWC 2018, a commercial image has already leaked out showing the device from the front.

Samsung Galaxy S9 High-res Commercial Image Leaked Out

The Galaxy S9 looks pretty much the same as the Galaxy S8 from the front & it keeps the exact dimensions as well. Maybe the Top & Bottom bezels are a little bit shrunk but, we have to see the actual device to be able to confirm that.

The Snapdragon 845 & the Exynos 9810 are nice improvements over the the last gen Snapdragon 835 & Exynos 8895. Samsung is keeping the Headphone jack so, we have to give Samsung a huge thumbs up for that. The software will probably also be a little bit polished so, the over UX shall be a little bit better compared to the S8 & S8+.

The Display is also expected to be quite improved & the brightness shall be bumped up as well. So, the S9 & S9+ look like a great package overall & if Samsung has a good pricing for these two devices, they can be the ultimate hotcakes for 2018.


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