Samsung Ramps Up Its Galaxy S11 Mind-Blowing 108MP Camera

Samsung Ramps Up Its Galaxy S11 Mind-Blowing 108MP Camera
Samsung Ramps Up Its Galaxy S11 Mind-Blowing 108MP Camera

Samsung announced its plans to launch the first ultra-high-resolution camera sensor, which will exceed 100MP. The new Samsung Galaxy S11 will feature a 108-MP camera. It’s a huge upgrade for the smartphone. Below in this article, we will cover the Samsung Ramps Up Its Galaxy S11 Mind-Blowing 108MP Camera.

The image sensor comprises cutting-edge specifications to the high-end smartphone. Although Samsung developed this ultra-performance image sensor, namely the Isocell Bright HMX, the Chinese company Xiaomi will be the first player to introduce it to the market in one of its phones during 2019. It’s the first time when a smartphone’s image sensor exceeds 100 million pixels, producing images with sizes of 12,032 x 9,024 px.

The famous leaker, Ice Universe, is the source of the news about Samsung including the sensor into its Galaxy S11. But you’ll find out the reality once the smartphone is released in spring 2020 when you can buy online.

Xiaomi posted an article on the company’s blog stating that thanks to the increased pixel count, users will be able to take photos the size of billboards. What’s more, photographers can enjoy high detail and improve their creativity and imagination. But don’t try to find a second hand deals, it’s likely they’re not the authentic devices.

Xiaomi also added that Samsung’s 100MP camera will be the best image sensor available on the market. The sensor’s significant size and ultra-high input capacity will provide exquisite images even in low-light conditions. It’ll maintain high-resolution quality even when you zoom into and can capture 27MP photos in double zoom mode. What’s more, Ice universe stated that the new Galaxy S11 smartphone will also include a 10x optical zoom capability.

Samsung S11 Price and Release Date

Usually, Samsung announces its new releases before the Mobile World Congress, which is organized in late February in Barcelona. Over the last few years, the Galaxy S smartphones are usually revealed around mid-February. So, the case will likely be the same for the Galaxy S11 and S11+. Although, nothing is for sure. But if it follows tradition, you’ll be able to buy an S11 or S11+ during March next year.

Users aren’t expecting the S11 or S11+ to be cheaper than the S10 or even the Galaxy S8 Plus. Even if you buy online, you should budget carefully. Expect a price difference like you’ve witnessed between the S9 and the Galaxy S8 Plus or between the S9 and S10.

What Users are Looking Forward to

Samsung’s fans are looking for camera improvements, an adaptable display of 90 Hz, a quicker charging capacity, and more storage. Also, 5G capabilities even on the standard models and exciting designs are expected. And there should be a smaller front camera punch-hole, not only for aesthetic reasons.

What’s Else Has Happened

Ice Universe confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S11’s code name is Picasso and it’ll include a significant camera upgrade. The operating software will be built on Android Q One UI 2.X basis. He also confirmed that the front camera punch-hole will be smaller than what that of the Galaxy Note 10. During mid-July this year, Samsung announced its mass production o the 12GB LPDDR5 mobile DRAM. It’s been upgraded to facilitate AI and 5G features in the new Samsung smartphones.

Wrapping It Up

Despite the statements of Ice Universe, users will just have to wait until next year to enjoy the features of the new S11 and S11+. However, Xiaomi, a Chinese company, will launch the new Samsung image sensor on the market. It’s the first sensor with a 108 MP capacity. Photographers and Samsung enthusiasts will enjoy taking extremely detailed photos even in low-light conditions. Other upgrades expected a focus on 5G capabilities, increased storage, and attractive displays. Whether you buy it online or from a local store, the new S11 and S11+ smartphones will likely be available during early March 2020. Rather than searching for second hand deals, determine a budget and stick to it. You will know all the latest gadgets and technology news and updates here.

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