San Diego: Why Should You Consider Moving To Beautiful Southern California

San Diego

California has no shortage of exciting cities and scenic locations, but San Diego stands apart from the rest. The gorgeous Pacific city is an excellent location to make your permanent home. As the first town that 16th century Europeans settled, San Diego retains its rich history and cultural influences. Whether you want to go whale watching in San Diego, visit the incredible beaches, take a stroll through a historic park or enjoy gourmet food, you always have something exciting to experience in California’s birthplace. Here are a few of the reasons why you should make San Diego Your home.

The Climate

As other California cities have blazing summers, San Diego experiences lower temperatures and limited rainfall. The city’s climate is a major incentive for settling in the area. Average yearly temperatures are in the 70s and rarely top 80°F in the summer. Winters are cool and mild, and the temperature hovers in the low 60s for most of the season. You’re unlikely to ever see a white Christmas in San Diego, but you won’t have to purchase cold-weather gear to live comfortably in the area. You can enjoy a day at the beach or a yacht dinner cruise San Diego in the bay any day of the year.

The Geography

San Diego’s beautiful landscape is another factor that draws millions of tourists and homeowners looking to settle down. The city sits on 70 miles of the Pacific coastline with hills and mesas dominating the topography. You can see the Laguna Mountains in the east and the Mexican border in the south. San Diego shares a border with Tijuana, and you can spend the day sightseeing in Mexico and head back home for dinner. The city’s iconic deep-water harbor near the border is a popular spot for motorsports, fishing and sailing. When you engage in San Diego harbor activities, you can spend the entire day in the area with so much to see. Popular sites on the harbor include Seaport Village, USS Midway Museum, and the ferry to Coronado.

The Parks and Museums

San Diego’s colonial history is on full display in Balboa Park. Filled with over 30 museums, cultural centers, and restaurants, Balboa Park is beloved by residents and tourists. It covers over 1200 acres of land in the urban center and includes the famous San Diego Zoo. You can see over 3700 animals in the vast 100-acre zoo, and many of the species are rare and endangered.

The Delicious Food

The food of San Diego is influenced by its Spanish and Mexican heritage and its proximity to the Pacific ocean and southern border. You can enjoy the country’s best Mexican food or try some regional favorites like fish tacos, carne asada fries, California burritos, or wood-fired pizza. The bay provides the city with a constant supply of fresh seafood, and you’ll have trouble finding better seafood anywhere in the country. 

San Diego’s mild weather, unique geography, and exciting cultural sites make it one of the most desirable cities to live in California. Experience the beauty of the city from the harbor by booking a ride on a sailing vessel.