VPS Server Review – Create your Server in 2 minutes

VPS, AKA Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine running its own OS giving the customer a huge number of features fulfilling all their need. If you are aware of hosting and how it works, then VPS is the option you must opt for. There are several hosting providers giving VPS hosting, but which one to select? Recently, we came across’s VPS server & here you will find VPS Server Review.

Our Tip: If you are new to hosting, then we would suggest you opt for Shared Hosting. VPS servers can only be created by a professional or someone who has good knowledge about Hosting or how Servers are created. 

Top Features Review

There are many features that you can use in, but there are 2 important features that I liked personally. There are many Hosting providers that provide 99.9% SLA, but they do not compensate for the loss. That’s what makes Serverspace different from others. They guarantee financial compensation in case they find any SLA violations.

Another basic but important feature that I found in is the billing cycle, which is set for every 10 minutes. Which means you can track the amount spent on the resources utilized. This is one of the features that will help you manage your cash flow in tight situations.

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Make Server Setup Easy 

For someone who is very new to VPS hosting, Setup might be one of the major issues. The person might get confused to understand the entire setup process for VPS, but that’s not the case with No matter if you are hosting a web application, CRM, or an App; creating a server will just take 2 minutes.

What makes the Server setup easy, is OS template. To make a Virtual Server, you have an option for the different OS that are Windows, BSD, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOs, and Routers. If you have ever used these OS, then VPS creat is quite easy. You just have to follow the instructions given and you are good to go.

Pay As Per Your Need

Everyone knows that the VPS Server is quite expensive. Hosting providers have a fixed price for different specifications, but what if your requirement is different. In that case, Serverspace has the most flexible pricing. The best part is that they have their Data Center in 4 different locations: 2 in Netherland, & 1 in Belarus and Russia. Apart from that, you can also configure the server depending on the size. If you want a custom configuration, then you can set the parameters (GHz, RAM, Data Storage, Bandwidth.

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This gives us an option to set up the Virtual Server depending on our need. The minimum cost for a basic VPS Server setup is € 8.8/ month which has 1 Core, 512MP RAM, and 10GB SSD Space. Also if you want to increase another core, it will add €4.8 /month, which is still considered to be fairly priced. If you want to increase the RAM from 512 to 1GB, it will add € 3 and same if you increase the storage from 10GBN to 30 GB. Pros & Cons


  • Easy Setup
  • Free DNS Hosting (conditions apply)
  • Wide options to select CPU Core
  • 1 dedicated IPv4 address per server


  • Can get complicated for a newbie


We have tested many VPS servers till now and all of them are quite good at what they offer. Whereas, is a concern, features like easy setup and price variation is what makes them apart from others. So, if you are planning to purchase a VPS server, then we would ask you to consider