Shatter into E-Juice

Shatter into E-Juice
Shatter into E-Juice

Here’s a comprehensive procedure on how to convert shatter into e-juice.

Turning shatter into e-juice is what you can do in your home. It involves the chemical constitution of shatter with other reagents to give the e-juice you desire. The process can be carried out following the simple, easy steps demonstrated in this article.

Shatter is an extremely potent type of BHO (Butane Hash Oil). Butane hash oils are oils that use butane as the liquidizer in the solvent extraction process of cannabinoids from cannabis plant matter. Cannabis shatter is known for its beautiful golden color. It is a hard, glass-like extract which usually shatters when it drops, hence the name shatter. It is extremely translucent and seems to be the purest of all cannabis concentrates. It contains about 80% THC.

Depending on the texture of the final concentrate, shatter can be sold under brand names like “sap” or “pull ‘n snap,” their different texture accounted for by slight variations in heat and moisture content.

E-juice, also known as a vape juice, is the best way to consume cannabis and nicotine products. It is safe compared to smoking, where you inhale certain toxic substances. Shatter is the most used because it is the most popular THC concentrate having a golden and crystalline structure. One of the most exciting things, when you use liquidizers on shatter, is its great taste. This is why it is mostly used compared to other cannabis extracts.

By turning shatter into e-juice, it eliminates the chances of hurting your lungs considerably, and the fragrance makes it go down well in your throat. When you turn your shatter into e-juice at home, you have the freedom to make it into your desired end product. Your shatter is expected to be inside the parchment paper when you buy it, try keeping it out of reach of sunlight to avoid chemical disintegration.

Tools and reagent preparation

The reagents you need to make your e juice out of shatter include the shatter and diluent. Your e-juice flavor could be a wax liquidizer or terpene.

The most useful tools you need to prepare for the process include transparent glass, Syringe, Pipette, Microwave, and a vape pen.

It’s important that you charge your vape pen before use.  

Procedure for turning shatter into e-juice

Method 1: Microwave Method

Step 1: Gather all your tools.

Step 2: Place the desired amount of shatter into the transparent glass.

Step 3: Add the desired flavor of your choice to the shatter. This could be a liquidizer or terpenes. Follow the mixing ratio recommended by the manufacturer on the liquidizer bottle.

Step 4: Stir the mixture and then place it in a microwave for about ten seconds. Do not overheat as this will deteriorate the potency of the THC content.

Step 5: Pour the vape juice into the oil chamber of your vape pen using the pipette filler. 

Step 6: Keep any leftover in the glass and keep it in a dark silicone bottle.

Method 2: Slow/Boiling Method

Another recommended method to adopt in turning your shatter into e juice is the Slow or boiling method.

Step 1: You need to prepare a double boiler using a pot filled with some amount of water.  

Step 2: Get an empty glass mixing vessel with a heavy bottom. 

Step 3: Heat the water in the double boiler to about 175 degrees Fahrenheit (about 80 degrees Celsius). Ensure to heat the water to a constant temperature. 

Step 4: Add shatter to the empty glass mixing vessel and allow it to melt for about 5 minutes.

Step 5:  Add 1 ml of liquidizer per 1gram of shatter used.  

Step 6: Heat the mixture and Stir until all the tiny pieces of the shatter have been dissolved. This takes about 10-15 minutes. 

Step 7: Add 1-2 drops of terpene or liquidizer for flavoring. Finally, use your syringe to extract the e juice liquid and keep it in a silicone container.

If you’re interested in reducing the viscosity of your e-juice, you can add the diluent. If your e-juice is highly viscous, it will push the vape pen to make use of the extra charge to heat the THC vape juice inside the oil chamber.