Small Businesses Are Moving Towards Managed Services Amid The Pandemic

Small Businesses Are Moving Towards Managed Services
Small Businesses Are Moving Towards Managed Services

IT is the lifeline of businesses today, no matter how big or small they are. And if you are running a small enterprise, outsourcing managed services seems like a great option for staying on top of technology. The model is simple and cost-effective and offers all the services and support you may need to run your operations smoothly. At the same time, you can expect the advantages like all-in-one platforms, integration,  continued advancements in IT automation with this option. It makes all the more sense amid the pandemic for small businesses struggling to survive and keep up with the challenges of the situation by leveraging technology. Here are some reasons why you should consider embracing this model.

Empowering your organization for remote work

Managed services are ideal for providing holistic solutions that empower your organization for remote work. It goes beyond enabling the workforce to work from home but also ensures that your managers can track workforce productivity in real-time. Additionally, these experts can help you scale up the key remote work enablers such as telecommuting protocols, processes, technology,  people management. Work protocols include elements like roles and responsibilities, issue management,  decision rights while processes cover communications and workflow. Technology is a wide concept that encompasses network bandwidth, collaboration tools,  security. People management has your business covered in health tracking and support aspects.

Offering access to bespoke services and solutions 

Working with a specialist managed IT company is beneficial from the solution perspective as well. These are experts with extensive skills and experience of having worked for clients across a host of businesses. So they will probably be able to understand your unique challenges amid the pandemic and provide bespoke services and solutions to handle them effectively. On the other hand, an in-house team has a limited perspective as they are often bogged down by day-to-day duties and responsibilities. If you want your small business to get solutions that really work to get you through this crisis, working with a managed services partner is surely a better decision.

Ensuring immediate issue resolution 

Having a proper remote work setup in place is only half the work done and there is much more that needs to be done to run it smoothly. You can expect issues on a daily basis, which means that there has to be a proper arrangement for their resolution. Look for a reliable partner that is reputed for delivering smarter IT support solutions, faster so that you can experience the advantage of anytime troubleshooting for your remote workers. This is far better than having an in-house team because it can be a big burden for a small business in such troubled times. Managed support, on the other hand, costs a fraction but does not compromise with the quality and promptness of services. 

Providing extensive scalability

Remote working is here to stay as there isn’t a hope for a solution to the pandemic in the near future. Small businesses will have to be ready for working this way, which makes it essential to look for scalable solutions. Even in the pandemic, there will be opportunities to grow and you may need to scale infrastructure to handle a larger customer base or workload at any point of time. An outsourced service comes as a smarter alternative to scale up or scale down easily, without actually having to make heavy expenses on in-house infrastructure. Rather, you can get access to cloud-based applications on an affordable, subscription-based model. And you can save up on HR overhead costs too, even while bearingthe minimal risk of downtime.

Having fewer people in the future workplace

Another good reason for adopting managed services rather than having an in-house team to look after your business IT is that it will make your workplace future-ready. Obviously, outsourcing services mean that there will be fewer people around in the workplace when your business reopens in the future. Your workplace will be safer with the adoption of social distancing, while you will not need to get a larger space to implement this key safety measure. Even with a smaller team, you can be sure about all your IT needs being properly looked after by experts.

Anything that saves money for your small businesses during the pandemic can be the smartest move and this applies perfectly to embracing managed IT services. While taking this approach can save you a lot of money, you can still rest assured that all your needs would be looked after at all times. 

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