Smart ways to clean and maintain restaurant table runners

Smart ways to clean and maintain restaurant table runners
Smart ways to clean and maintain restaurant table runners

It’s a pleasant sight to walk-in to a restaurant with flattering custom-made tablecloth covering the tables. White plaited napkins and tablecloths look both clean and classy. It encourages customers to order their meals, coffee, and other favorite platters. However, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining tablecloths, you might need to follow a few protocols. below in this article, we will cover the Smart ways to clean and maintain restaurant table runners.

If you’ve invested in a custom table runner for each or most table, you need to value your investment. Opting in for lopsided cleaning tactics doesn’t help. It might work in the beginning, but you will find the tablecloths losing its shine and smooth texture soon. You need to make sure that the linens look appealing even after recurrent washes and ironing. Also, different colors need different cleaning tactics. The following methods can help:

1. Wash before you use the table runner for the first time

Make sure to wash the tablecloth before placing it on the table. At times, the manufacturing process might leave a few dye stains on the cloth. When you wash the fabric, the stains go away.

2. Take away the bad stains

If you notice a terrible stain soon after using the table runner, use a high-end stain remover. Make sure you use it as soon as you detect the stain. It will help you to know the different stain remover or cleaning services Nyc. For instance, meat juice or fruit juices gets removed the moment you rinse them under cold water. When it comes to chocolate stains, you might need to use stain removers or washing powders.

3. Starch the tablecloth

Starch makes the restaurant table linens look better. It also works as a secure layer to prevent food and other edible items from seeping into the fabric. You need to add-in the correct starch amount, which is right for the linen. You can starch polycotton, polyester as well as colored cotton which requires a specific formula based on the fabric.

4. Wash all the linens daily

When you’re running a restaurant business, you need to clean a set of linens daily, while the others get used. But don’t clutter the washing machine. Ensure that you have ample space for the fabric to move around freely as the cleaning process takes place. Make sure to check the temperature depending on the laundering label and wash it correctly. Do you want to whiten the table runners? If yes, you can opt-in for oxygen-type bleach. For the colored tablecloths, make sure you use a gentle detergent. The toxic detergents might take off the color and ruin the look of the tablecloth completely.

5. Roll and hang the tablecloth

You need to ensure that the table runners don’t get wrinkled after cleaning. For that, you can hang the tablecloths in a hanger and leave the necessary space so that there’s no clutter. Also, roll the liners for averting wrinkle formation. 

Restaurant owners know the importance to clean table runners! And you need to clean the linens regularly. The tactics mentioned above can help you to clean and maintain the restaurant tablecloths correctly and add more life to them.

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