Snapdragon 845 Will Likely Have Inbuilt Snapdragon Assistant With Instant Text Translation Support !


We have been listening a lot about the upcoming Snapdragon 845 & we already know that it’ll be based on the 2nd Gen 10nm Process Technology & have upgraded Kryo cores. With the upgraded specifications the SOC shall get some significant performance bump over the Snapdragon 835 & from our rough evaluation of the Exynos 9810 on the pre-released Galaxy S9, we definitely have an idea about how much that Performance bump can be.

However, Qualcomm recently published a Tweet where they showed asking a phone (made with plain 2D Graphics) about, how do it says new in Hawaiian & it translated “new” to “hou” (“new” as said in Hawaiian) on spot. Here is the Tweet..



So, looks like a new Hardware Based smart Assistant from Qualcomm is making it’s way inside the Snapdragon 845 & as shown above, it’ll support Instant Text Translation by understanding your questions right when you’re asking it.

For this expected Snapdragon Assistant they’ve also shown a new command that is probably needed to activate this feature similar to what we do in the Google Assistant by saying “Ok Google”. However, to activate Snapdragon Assistant you might actually need to say “Hey Snapdragon” instead as shown in the Tweet. So, we’re pretty much sure Snapdragon Assistant is coming but, we’re not sure what exactly Qualcomm will call it.

However, this also confirms AI capabilities in the Snapdragon 845 just as we predicted in the past & it might even feature a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) but, we’ll see when it comes out. Also, how much this new Hardware Based Assistant will be capable specially compared to the software & cloud based Google Assistant will determine if it can actually come handy when you need it. So, fingers crossed for the December 5 event where the Snapdragon 845 will be announced.


Source: Qualcomm (Twitter)

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