Some Powerful but Simple Ideas to Get More Traffic to Your Site from Instagram



Since the introduction of the facility to launch business accounts from 2016 onwards, Instagram has become one the favorite platform of business brands to reach to more people. If you own a business and want to grow loyal followers to your brand and constantly interact with them, Instagram now offers some great opportunities. Below in this article, you will find Some Powerful but Simple Ideas to Get More Traffic to Your Site from Instagram.

The primary requirement of any business marketer is to drive in traffic to their primary website or specific landing pages, and all the effort you put in on social media too is with this objective. However, with the tight competition in the market and the increasing consumer demand of your times, all the marketers are struggling to drive traffic to their platforms. In this post, we are discussing some smart ways to get more people rerouted to your website from Instagram. Te points in this post are compiled from the social media marketing experts from various business domains.

Without much ado, here are the top tips to enable Instagram brands to earn more click through.

1. Setting a perfect bio in your link.

The easiest way to get more traffic to your landing pages from Instagram is to include a perfect bio and incorporate your website or landing page link smartly into it. In fact, the only place you can put a website link is in the bio and those who give it a catchy finish succeed to get more clicks. You can change this link as and when you want, so based on the post content or the bio you set, you can keep on changing the links as your products or offers change. Tips to marketers are:

  • Some brand marketers put their homepage link on the Instagram bio and never changes it. However, it is found that the brands which change their Instagram bio frequently drive in more traffic and earn more revenue their Instagram investments. A good bio with proper linking acts as an ideal call-to-action for their users to click on the link and land on the desired page.
  • You can specify the link by putting it in the Instagram post itself as, “click on the bio link to avail this offer” or “click the link in bio to explore our product line” etc. To make it more attractive you may use message like “click the bio link and enter the promo code 1234 to get instant 20% off for today and tomorrow only”

You may do it as creatively as possible to get a sale. Make sure that people know how they can easily land your site as the Instagram posts are not clickable.

2. Use Instagram ad campaigns.

Another easy method of driving in traffic from your Instagram account to your website is to run some ad campaigns on this platform. The major drawback of regular Instagram posts is that it is not clickable, thought-free. However, aiming at business marketers, the premium service of Instagram ads is clickable. More tips are:

  • Your Instagram followers can not only click on an ad and go to whichever page specified, but Instagram also offers an option for “Learn More” type call-to-action to be added, which will improve the chances of click-throughs.
  • Instagram ads also used Facebook Ads at the backend, so you can also target the specific user group based on their demographics. Some of the demographics you can focus on Facebook Ads are
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Education
    • Relationship status
    • Job title
    • Geographical Location
    • Hobbies
    • Interests
    • Purchase history
    • Brand preferences
    • Device usage etc.

By knowing these, you can effectively put together a find combination of any of these targeting demographics, which makes sense to your brand. With this, you can ensure the maximum return on your investment. On Instagram, like Facebook, there is no minimum for ad spend. It is ideal for small business owners too as you can start with as low as $5 a day, and you can even limit it when $1 is spent. You can run the ad campaigns for a while to see the statistical assessment about the results to more accurately readjust the preferences.

3. Tag your products or services on Instagram

Instagram also started offering a brand new service, which lets the marketers tag their products on Instagram photos. The advantage is that when the users click on these photos, they will be shown a short description of the product and they can land on to the product website from there. Marketers can leverage this option to:

  • Protect your brand ads from the competitors or bots trying to create click farms or frauds. It is very simple, and you can instantly start your free trial anytime. However, this service is only made available in the US for the retailers of the below categories.
    • Those who have a Business Profile on Instagram
    • Those who sell jewelry, apparel, or cosmetic products
    • Those who have English as their account language.

If the brand you are trying to promote meets the above criteria, you can avail this service to try and drive more traffic to your website. For other brands than above, you have to option to join the waiting list to avail this service in future.

4. “See More” or “Swipe Up” Instagram stories

As we saw earlier, the organic Instagram posts are not linkable; however, if you have a verified account, no you can make Instagram Stories linkable. There are many brands which are eligible for this verification now. It is not mandatory to have a lot of followers to become eligible for this. But It is good practice to set a target and apply the techniques to reach that point. It has now become difficult to get the growth on Instagram so many users are relying on growth services like Flock social. With a little pay Instagram users can get rapid growth and very often they are fortunate to have coupon for Flock social so it gets easier to have success on the platform.

The users will see a small arrow towards the bottom of the post which they can swipe to See More. Once if any user swipes this button on a Story, they will be directly taken to the specific brand web page. Even if you don’t have a verified account to avail this option, it is possible to associate with an Instagram influencer who has a verified account to leverage it. Working with the Instagram influencers also has some added advantages as to reach to a larger audience which may not be familiar with your brand already.

Now, as you have a few good ideas already in hand to drive more traffic to your site through Instagram, it’s time to experiment with those and see the results. All the best for your Instagram marketing endeavors.

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