How to Stay Anonymous during Online Browsing


Online anonymity is a significant issue for people browsing the internet (especially for those who want to protect their information on the web). It’s also an issue for users trying to break through borders of censorship on the internet. You need to realize that you’re never truly anonymous on the internet unless you purchase a service like Tor. That’s how it works, pretty simple. You cannot stay anonymous online without purchasing anonymity software.

Browsing the web without any trace is nearly impossible, but if you are looking for some tools that can help you to be anonymous online, then here are a few of them.


Tor has made anonymous internet browsing convenient for users. TOR has been trending for quite a time now. It is free software that enables users to gain access to proxy servers located worldwide to browse anonymously. It has become prevalent, especially after the FBI used it to track down an internet pedophile ring. You can use Tor on most browsers, but it is probably best to choose either Firefox or Chrome.


A VPN enables users to connect with a remote computer and browse through it. This allows users to have a secure connection anywhere, so anyone trying to snoop on your browsing habits has no chance of succeeding as long as you use a VPN. There are many different VPNs available, but here is one example: Most of them are free VPN and do not charge an anonymous browsing fee. However, Internet users can get more out of such software if they upgrade to the paid versions that offer faster speed and get rid of ads on websites.


If you are looking for an anonymous browsing proxy, This add-on for Firefox or Chrome lets you choose from a list of proxy servers to visit sites anonymously. This browser add-on pops up at the corner of your computer screen, and you can quickly click on it whenever you need to change your IP address for security purposes.


The Google Chrome extension, called “Blur”, is available free of charge and enables users to protect any information they might be concerned about. It is an excellent tool for keeping track of passwords, credit cards, and other sensitive information. It allows users to quickly see which site they have entered without entering the same password on a different site or using a credit card number somewhere else.


This privacy add-on for Google Chrome also enables users to browse anonymously. It stops cookies from being stored on the user’s computer by blocking them, and it also prevents Flash technology from running until the user gives their permission.

AdBlocker Plus

When you come across annoying ads all over the pages you are visiting, there is a solution for that. AdBlocker Plus automatically blocks all ads displayed on websites; most of them are not safe to click on anyway, so it is best if you remove them entirely from your view.


This plugin is another privacy add-on for anonymous browsing that works in the same way as Noiseless and AdBlocker Plus. It blocks all kinds of scripts and trackers that may be trying to record your browsing habits. Activate Ghostery whenever you are visiting a site you do not trust so that you can stop any kind of tracking in its tracks.

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