Tips to Succeed During your Placement Games


There is nothing more joyful than the taste of victory when it comes to online competitive PC games like League of Legends. It is especially the case when you manage to kick off the brand-new season with flawless performance in the placement games. Many geeks turn a blind eye to the significance of these 10 games, but they play a major role in influencing your overall ranking for the remaining season.

However, winning all games is a feat far from easy to accomplish, as most players manage to only win around half of the games. It results in them getting to the division similar to the previous season. So, this article will assist you immensely in providing crucial advice that will help you emerge victorious in the majority of your placement games.

Remain in Your Comfort Zone of Champions Pool

The placements games in League of Legends is the last place you should be playing a completely unfamiliar champion. Although mechanically complex champions offer more satisfaction in games, no prior experience can ruin the matches’ rhythm as it takes away your focus from other aspects of the game.

Conversely, playing your most played champions proves to be an effective strategy, as you are familiar with its competencies. It is all about winning the placement games, so your best champion is the best bet in taking you to the finish line.

Avoid Playing Unfamiliar Roles

League of Legends is a team game which implies it should be played the same way. So, instead of practicing a completely unfamiliar role and ruining everyone’s experience, the ideal start is to limit yourself to your best role, especially in the placement games.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with playing other roles, but it requires practice beforehand, and the placement games and ranked games are not the places where you should be doing it. If you are a support player, you will benefit your team the most by playing that role above all else, ultimately contributing to raising the odds of victory.

Duo Queue with Experiences Players

During the placement games, a duo queue is an excellent approach to queuing alone as it reduces the odds of playing against four random players by one. But more importantly, having someone skillful and easy to talk to is a chance that no player should miss out on, especially when it comes to placement or ranked games in general.

You can rely on your party member and even formulate effective lane strategies much more efficiently. Overall, it contributes a lot toward the mutual positive end goal, which is winning the placement games.

Tips to Succeed During your Placement Games

Look out for any Recent Patch Updates.

The odds of a new patch hitting the gameplay scene out of the blue is highly likely around the time of the new season. At times, it benefits some players immensely with their favorite champions receiving a major buff and ruins others’ experience with the opposite outcome. So, playing an outdated champion without prior knowledge of patch changes can put you at a serious disadvantage in the placement games. Thus, it is extremely crucial to keep yourself familiar with the gameplay’s latest changes to avoid causing needless troubles during placement games for yourself and your team simultaneously.

Placement Matches Boost

If you are not confident enough in tackling placements, some players decide to purchase a ranked league account that has already played placements. It is not entirely the perfect alternative as some unforeseen events can occur during the gameplay, but you will certainly be able to win more games than by yourself.

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