PC App Spotlight : System Mechanic 14.5

System Mechanic by IOLO Technologies has been a mainstay in the PC Utility software market ever since its introduction in 1998. With over 45 million users worldwide it has been ranked No.1 by several agencies and websites in the USA, Canada, UK and numerous other countries.

Classified primarily as a PC optimization tool, System Mechanic boasts 50+ features that range from RAM Booster, Registry Cleaner, Hard Drive Defragmenter, Internet Speed Booster and many more. The software analyses critical issues affecting system performance and offers the best solutions to ensure that your PC always performs at its optimum level. Also ensures maximum stability and security by detecting failure of components in advance, addressing privacy issues, deleting junk files etc.

The latest version, System Mechanic 14.5 was launched on 6th February 2015 and within weeks it was hailed by reviewers across the globe. While most of the popular features have been retained, some great new additions have made their way into the list. The complete list of features can be found in our Full Review.

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System Mechanic 14.5 At a Glance :

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DeveloperIOLO Technologies Inc.
Software TypeUtility
Current Version14.5.2.29
Supported PlatformsWindows® 8, 7, Vista, and XP (Service Pack 3)
Minimum RequirementsNot Specified, but runs on almost any PC

Requires a minimum of
140 MB of Hard Drive Space

Price$39.95 (Trial Version available for free download)


Key Features :


  • Cleans-up & protects privacy. System Mechanic can remove over 50 types of junk files and wipe sensitive internet and chat history for a cleaner, faster PC.
  • Plugs Security Holes. System Mechanic can block dangerous program and system changes.
  • Repairs problems. With System Mechanic you can diagnose & fix over 30,000 different PC problems using iolo’s intelligent live updates.
  • Boosts Speed. System Mechanic can automatically accelerate your PC startup and program operation by boosting your system’s performance.


New Features In The Latest Version 14.5 :

More Processor Control – PowerSense™ technology dynamically adjusts the computer’s processor cores and speed based on user needs, and has been updated with:


  • Quick Controls– Easy-access system tray buttons for manually switching PowerSense Modes right from the desktop.
  • Customize Your Own– The built-in PowerSense Modes are designed specifically for video and music editing, gaming, graphic design and other common activities that demand different degrees of system speed and stamina. Now, PC users can create new, customized versions of these modes. [/arrow_list]

Early Warning System for Hard Drive Failure – DriveSense™ helps PC users avoid catastrophic crashes with diagnostics that automatically alert users when a hard drive failure is imminent so they can better protect data.

Re-engineered Deep Memory Mode: Re-architected for System Mechanic 14.5, Memory Mechanic® deep cleaning mode returns with improved RAM optimization.

Fully Integrated LiveBoost™ – System Mechanic’s command center for real-time processor, memory and hard drive performance-boosting is now smartly integrated into the main System Mechanic interface, with streamlined status reporting and new Windows system tray quick controls.

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