Take Mobile Gaming To The Next Level With LYNX 3



US based Mad Catz one of the leading manufacturers of gaming accessories and other peripherals recently hit the market with their Over the Top LYNX 9 at the MWC 2015. Knowing well that this $299 behemoth will be out of reach for most customers. They have introduced a budget version, curiously titled the LYNX 3.

This Hybrid transforming controller looks nothing short of something out of a Sci-Fi movie, something which the company is sure to cash in on. Featuring an award winning design, with foldable wings. The controller quickly morphs into a pocket friendly form when needed. This wireless controller featuring power-efficient Bluetooth technology that provides up to 30 hours of usage. Allowing users an unmatched gaming experience not only restricted to Android devices but PC as well (Windows 7 and above).

In recent years the Android gaming market has been gaining steam with big labels launching exclusive titles or established AAA franchises introducing their Android versions. Thus laying a solid foundation for devices like the LYNX 3 to do good business.


  1. With multiple games announcing compatibility, on-screen touch controls can be removed thus providing a fuller gaming experience. These include FIFA 15, Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 5. The joypad has rubberized tactile buttons that allow for complex moves and combos, which could hardly be achieved with a touch interface.
  2. Intuitive Android App, that allows quick setup and adjustment of parameters, sensitivity and tutorials.
  3. The controller features Multimedia controls which has seamlessly integrate with Media apps or Youtube to play / pause / stop videos or audio.
  4. Unique Foldable design that allows maximum portability and a high power Li-Polymer battery (up to 30hrs of usage per charge). Makes it a perfect companion for the road.
  5. Seamless integration with Windows 7 and above PCs, allows users to assign functions to the joypad using the company’s programming software. Updates are automatically downloaded over the Bluetooth connection with the PC.

The LYNX 3 is priced at $79, but is expected to cost around $60 on the street.

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