Tech Spring Cleaning: Time to Upgrade Your Business Tech Tools


Tech Spring Cleaning

If the business has been slow in recent weeks, take this downtime to update your business tech, from your marketing and customer service tools to your security systems and IT and cloud storage. Here are five types of business tech you should think about getting or upgrading now.

1. Productivity Software

Using productivity software can help your teams get more done with less oversight. Time-tracking software can help you determine exactly how much time is spent performing certain tasks and by whom. Project management and task management tools allow you to keep track of your business responsibilities every day. You might also think about creating a digital filing system and using digital dictation to save time and make things easier on you and your teams. So if you haven’t considered these kinds of business tools, now might be the time to look into implementing them.

2. Marketing Tools

Every company should have a marketing plan that guides their actions and gets them closer to reaching their sales goals. If you’re using outdated methods of marketing, it’s time to step your game up and start using marketing automation tools that help you reach your customers effectively and efficiently. Just some of them include social media automation apps, e-mail marketing software, blogging and ad campaigns.

If you really want to increase sales without stretching yourself thin, then you need to find the marketing automation tools that work best for you so you can focus on other aspects of your business that need attention.

3. Security Systems

Outdated security systems can hinder your business, especially small brick-and-mortar businesses. Business security is constantly evolving, which means you need to upgrade it every so often to take full advantage of the newest features. For example, Lorex’s security camera systems come with features like:

  • 4K recording resolution
  • Remote viewing
  • Wire-free and wireless capabilities
  • Digital zooming
  • Push notifications when motion is detected
  • Live or recorded video viewing directly from your TV or smartphone

You’ll also get features like a built-in security-grade hard drive, Smart Search to filter motion events so you can easily review footage and a panic button that activates lights and sirens.

4. Customer Service Tools

Customer service tools like customer relationship management (CRM) systems can help you track each of your customers through their experience with your company (also known as a customer journey). If you don’t have one, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity to nurture your customers toward the sale. A good CRM system can tell your customer service reps exactly how close your potential customers are to the sale so they can give the customer just what they need to get them there, whether that means answering any questions they might have or directing them to the website where they can find more information about your product or service.

5. IT and Cloud Storage

Information technology (IT) is an important aspect of today’s business landscape. If you want your business to perform at its peak, start looking into IT-managed services that can help you better manage your business infrastructure. IT managed services can help you create the right security perimeters, allow you to quickly resolve tech issues and back up your company data. Cloud storage allows you to store your data virtually while giving you easy access to it. It can also help your teams collaborate almost effortlessly from anywhere in the world.

Finding the Right Business Tech Tools for Your Business

Finding the business tech tools that help you get more accomplished without breaking the bank is essential to surviving during times like these. Use this time to upgrade your existing business tech tools or find new ones that do a better job of helping you reach your business goals.

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