Tech trends that will change the gaming world


In the beginning

The world has come a long way since video games first appeared. They had simple blocky graphics and two-dimensional gameplay. To play a game you would need an entirely separate computer system or console, otherwise, it was off to the arcade or youth club to play a machine version of a game that gobbled your money every time that you died. While many gamers still choose to have a gaming PC or state-of-the-art console, it is because of the superior quality of gaming on offer rather than this being the only home option. 

Smartphones changed everything

The process of change has been a constant evolution, with improved computer processing and chip miniaturization being key to driving this progression. An early ’90s gamer would be astonished that you could play on the go without a special portable console and that your phone would do more than text and calls. It was smart technology that created a revolution along the way and gave us processing power in our pockets.

Cloud-based services are a game-changer

Cloud gaming can be accessed from anywhere and there is no longer a requirement to constantly update the hardware in order to play the latest releases. The big players in the business offer their games through cloud-based subscription services. This includes Sony, Google, and Microsoft. This business model negates the need for gamers to continuously replace their expensive and power-hungry consoles and PCs with the latest upgraded versions. Smart TVs and streaming devices like Chromecast are all you need to be in the game.  The action on the home screen is beamed from the cloud data center in the form of video streaming.

Connectivity is key

The ongoing rollout of 5G and superfast fiber broadband and cable will mean that this new way of accessing games will be accessible to more and more people. While this does not mean that dedicated home gaming systems will completely disappear it is likely that more industry money and resources will be directed to enabling the streaming, cloud-based future.

Apps continue to improve

A huge cog in this future will be the technology that we carry around with us every day. Our smartphones will continue to be a huge part of how we access online gaming services. Whatever hardware we use at home, when we are out and about it is our phone that brings the gaming world along with us in our pocket. 

The rise of the gaming app is a story in its own right. Flappy Bird took the world by storm as one of the first gaming apps and everyone was playing this simple, graphically pleasing game. Now with the advance in graphic and video streaming realistic versions of favorites like FIFA have an app that means that gamers can continue to build their teams and hone their skills on the move.

The trend for increasingly sophisticated apps together with improved connectivity will continue to transform our relationship with the online world. Many of the top iGaming sites offer those who like to have a flutter, a mobile version of the casino, slots, or sports betting platform with all the functionality of a desktop site. Downloading an app means that a player can visit no deposit bonus casinos and play all their favorite games while they are out and about. 

VR and AR become mainstream

Gamers bought into the possibilities of virtual reality much earlier than most people, but it is only relatively recently that the technology has delivered the promises made long ago. In the near future graphically rich, fully immersive experiences could be delivered through stand-alone smaller headsets if Cloud VR becomes a reality. For a long time, it has been rumored that Apple will release a VR headset that will have the same impact that the iPhone had on mobile gaming.

While we can speculate about trends, it is often something quite unexpected that becomes the next big thing. As ever, we will have to wait and see.   

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